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Countdown to the Big Day October 26, 2008

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The countdown has begun. It is a mere nine days until we cast our vote, bite our nails and await the TV talking heads to call the election state by state. I read the entire article today’s New York Times Magazine section called The Making (and Remaking) of McCain. Fascinating stuff about the behind the scenes thought process that went into this bipolar campaign. The part about the selection of Sarah Palin is required reading for all of the political junkies out there.

–  Oh oh – According to Sarah Palin, Obama has gone from a Socialist to a Communist. This woman needs a choke collar. Gasp!

–  According to demconwatch.com as of 10/24, among the top 100 papers, Obama has been endorsed by papers with a circulation of 12.8 Million, McCain by papers with a circulation of 2.5 Million.

–  Maureen Dowd is back and tells it like it is about the McSame Campaign and Sarah Palin’s makeover. Check out this paragraph “In The New York Times Magazine today, Robert Draper reveals that the campaign also hired a former New York stage and screen actress, Priscilla Shanks, to be her voice coach for the convention. The expense was listed in finance reports as Operating Expenditures and Get-Out-The-Vote consulting. Apparently getting out the vote includes teaching a potential vice president the correct way to pronounce “nuclear.”

–  The continuing list of ship jumpers.

–  Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe discusses the truth in the Politico.com report on the infighting between senior McCain aides over Sarah Palin’s stump speeches and her deviations from campaign-approved talking points.

–  Gail Collins writes about our four year electoral college lament. I too live in one of the Blue States that does not get any robo-calling or non-stop ads on TV. I guess that is good news and bad news. Don’t we count at all anymore?

Frank Rich should be required reading. He gets it right each and every week.

– This is what a candidate for Vice President looks like and sounds like. Go Joe the Veep! You have my vote.

–  This week in the best of late night jokes, SNL comes up with a slogan for Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart mocks Palin’s extravagant expenditures on clothes, Colbert dissects Powell’s endorsement, and the hysterical Kimmel spoofs the tension between McCain and Palin –

–  It is that time of year. Boo at the Zoo has become an event all over the US. –  Boo at the Zoo is fun for one and all – especially the monkeys. Check out some of the pumpkin enrichment fun I saw yesterday at the Central Park Zoo.

–  Watch our snow monkeys enjoying pumpkin enrichment.

–  Watch  our Black and White Colobus Monkeys enjoy pumpkin enrichment too.



1. Mo MoDo - October 26, 2008

The best part of the Dowd column is when she compares Sarah Palin’s shopping spree to the one Julia Roberts goes on in Pretty Woman. That inspired me to photoshop up what Palin would look like as a hooker in go-go boots.

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