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Rogues, Divas, Mavericks & silliness October 29, 2008

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Six days and counting. Raise your hand if you are excited? I know some of you are so nervous you can barely sleep at night and all of that Halloween candy is getting eaten early because it is so very comforting in these uncertain times. Here is a hint – all of that sugar is not helping you sleep at night. So it looks like the Repugnants have chosen their final mantra to the base of their party. They are screaming about Socialism and redistribution of wealth (usually to crowds that have no wealth and are mortgaged up to their eyeballs) and are sure that coming from behind is the way to win. Watch Rachel Maddow use a football analogy to show how the McSame campaign is running their last days of the campaign.

–  So who was behind that very popular ‘wassup?’ video riff on the old beer commercial?
Here is the video for you again in case you missed it on last weekend’s post.

–  Blah blah blah? Gasp!

–  So you think you can dance AND lead the free world? More creativity coming your way:

–  Keith Olbermann discusses the possibility of Sarah Palin running for president in 2012 and the turmoil that’s causing within the Republican party with Bloomberg News ‘Margaret Carlson. Sarah Palin as ‘whack job.’

–  In case you missed Robert Greenwald’s video ‘who’s the original maverick? – here it is – AS usual, McSilly has it all ass backwards – you betcha!

–  I am going to miss all of the special campaign comments by Keith Olbermann. Check out last night’s comment on Sarah Palin being the real Socialist as shown by her own statements to a reporter about her Alaska and sharing the wealth.

–  Check out Rachel Maddow speaking with Michael Beschloss about Presidential relationships thru history and the relationship between McSame and Ms. Betcha Rogue.

– And for some fun – a Lobo Howl for you



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