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Lobo Weeps October 30, 2008

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I know today’s title does not scream headline news but for me to cry is a big event. I am not a sapster. I do not get all crunchy feely over a Hallmark Card image or expression. My demeanor leans towards eye-roller and cynic. However, last night while viewing Barack Obama’s 30 minute TV buy, I found tears rolling down my cheek. I think the lady with the severe arthritis started me off and then when he was discussing his mother, her cancer and his run for the Presidency – I lost it. My eyes teared and my heart swelled by the idea that we just might elect our first African American President. (Or maybe I was just emotional because my little dog Benny has been very sick this week). Nah- I am really proud of us right now. Let’s keep the faith and get this guy elected next Tuesday.

–  Here is the entire Obama presentation. Get your tissue box ready.

–  Keith Olbermann went off last night on Joe the Plumber – the latest faker  con man to hoodwink the American public.

–  I know we are all worrying about voter disenfranchisement but here is a tip of the hat to Governor Crist of Florida for extending polling hours and some scary stuff about the ‘still’ President Bush and his cockamamie doctrine:

–  Eye popping segment about Sarah Palin’s plans: “if you lose on Tuesday, would you simply go back to Alaska? Elizabeth Vargas of ABC News asked her and Palin said this, and I will read it to you verbatim according to an ABC News transcript: Absolutely not, Sarah Palin says. I think that, if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we’ve taken, that … that would … bring this whole … I’m not doin’ this for naught, and that is a direct quote from Sarah Palin. Clearly, leaving open the possibility that she would be interested in leading the Republican Party in 2012 if she and John McCain were to lose this presidential contest right now.”

–  Rachel Maddow flew to Florida last night to interview Obama today. Watch it tonight on her show. You go girl! In the meanwhile, watch her chat with my hero, Frank Rich on last night’s show.



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