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Salt or Sugar? November 2, 2008

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So what are you going to eat and drink while watching the returns Tuesday night? Will it be comfort food? Something salty? Something sweet? Perhaps a combination of both? Hemlock is not sold in the spice rack these days so stay away from anything that might be self destructive, okay?
Check out this interactive CNN map of poll closing times, state by state. We will know the all important states of Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky and Indiana by 7PM EST. Polls close in Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina at 7:30PM. We will know sooner rather than later whether it is going to be a very long night or a short one. We can follow the Senate races too to see if the Blue team picks up some very important Senate seats.

Watch John McCain and Tina Fey (Sarah Palin) from last night:

–  Read Frank Rich today in a piece called Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

–  Watch John McCain in a SNL self-parody that is frightening close to reality:

–  Gasp! Who would want this endorsement?

–  In under-reported news: A judge has ordered the Justice Department to produce White House memos that provide the legal basis for the Bush administration’s post-Sept. 11 warrantless wiretapping program.Can Bush pardon himself?

–  Listen as Sarah Palin gets ‘punked’ by Les Justiciers Masques, two comedians from Montreal.  The Republican vice presidential nominee discussed politics, the perils of hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney, and Sarkozy’s “beautiful wife,” in the telephone call released Saturday.

–  Enjoy Bill Maher’s New Rules from his Oct. 31st show:

– If you want to see some fabulous faces form my recent trip to the National Zoo click here.

– Watch Black and white pandas, female, Mei Xiang and male, Tian Tian seen playing at the National Zoo on Sept.20, 2008.



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