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Pardon Me? November 23, 2008

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flameThe photo to the left is of the eternal flame at JFK’s grave at Arlington Cemetery. I had been so long since I had been to Arlington I had never seen the grave site. On last month’s visit we paid our respects. And yes, 45 years later, I am still unconvinced about the single gunman theory. Can anyone forget where they were when they heard that awful news? I was getting out of an Art History class at RISD when a kid on a motorcycle went screaming down the street that the President had been shot. It was a very bad day. Watch some home video taken in before, during and after construction of assassinated President John Kennedy’s grave and memorial with appropriate Irish folk song accompaniment.

–  As the clock ticks off the 57 days left to this thuggish administration one cannot help but think about the damage that they still can do in these last two months. How much more environmental trashing can be wrought? Is there another area where the Constitution can be tarnished? Can consumers be any less confident in our lack of leadership? Gail Collins had an idea in yesterday’s column called ‘Time for Him to Go’. She suggests that Bush/Cheney resign  and Obama begin the changes that we need now. I vote that that. If you have not been frightened about what could happen in the next two months while these thugs are in charge you can check out Paul Krugman’s latest column called ‘The Lame Duck Economy’ and start to get nervous too. If this Nobel Prize economist is worried, I am going to worry too.

–  Yes, the economy and our lack of leadership in general, is something to lose one’s hair over but I obsess about the little things. I have always had a fascination about Presidential Pardons. Time Magazine lists the Ten Most controversial Presidential Pardons including: The Whiskey Rebels of 1794, Citizens of the Confederate States (1865) , Jimmy Hoffa (1971),  Richard Nixon (1974),  Vietnam Draft Dodgers (1977), Mark Felt (aka Deep Throat and Edward Miller (1981). George Steinbrenner (1989), Caspar Weinberger (1992),  Patty Hearst (2001) and the pardon that still makes headlines, Marc Rich (2001). So what will George W. Bush do? I think he does not like to pardon people. He is stingy of person and will have to be convinced, cajoled and generally prevailed upon that by pardoning people he will be saving his own ass down the road. Stay tuned – if you think you are mad at Bush now – wait until he opens Pardon-Gate.

–  Watch Rachel Maddow discuss pardons with Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley.

– My Minnesota recount obsession marches on. I am getting increasingly doubtful that Al Franken can stand up to the ever so slim lead that Norm Coleman has over him. Bummer. Al Franken in the Senate would have been lots of fun.

–  Last weekend I was enjoying 85 degree temperatures in the St Croix sun. Baby it is cold outside in NYC today. Enjoy a bit of sun, surf, salt air and pelicans:



1. Mary Sheehan Winn - November 23, 2008

I felt the same watching Obama win the election as I did all those years ago, as a kid watching JFK win. Like, there’s hope, yet 😉

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