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It’s the economy, (yes, I am) stupid! November 24, 2008

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helpToday is the day that Barack Obama marches out his new economic team. It’s like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all wrapped up in one pretty, new package. I readily admit to knowing little about the economy. Yeah, yeah – ‘Buy low, sell high’ is a good start but after that? I read the headlines and look at the photos in the Business Section of the NY Times each day and try to figure out what is going on. Yes Virginia, the sky is falling. Here’s what it looks like to someone like me.

– There seems to be a bailout for everyone but Lehman Brothers. What did these guys do to piss everyone off more than the other guys? Is it really all about size? The NY Giants are even mad at Lehman Brothers and is on the offense against them.

–  Why isn’t anyone being punished? Where are those long ago ‘perp’ walks that we used to see in the days of madman Rudy when he was Mayor and DA?

–  I hate the word ‘derivative.’ Not crazy about ‘swaps’ either.

–  As of this morning Citigroup is going to be helped out by the very generous tax payers. I am glad I do not have to change my bank.

– Wall Street will probably go ‘ga ga’ over the new economic team hoping against hope that someone out there knows what they are doing and can fix the mess that we are in collectively.

–  I am sure I am sitting when I get my monthly brokerage statement.

–  How many want to see less of this guy? Regrets, he has a few…but no apology given.

–  Nate Silver projects that Al Franken will win by 27 votes. Go Nate.

–  For those that like this sort of random item. Here is the history of the bagel.

–  Here’s to all of our strong heartbeats in the days ahead:



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