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Friday Frenzy November 28, 2008

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clokThe nightmare in Moombai continues. We were lucky enough to stay at the century old Taj Mahal Hotel when we went to India and fell in love with that beautiful county. I can only imagine the terror and ager that this bustling city that we used to call Bombay is undergoing. It is startling to think that a handful of angry young men with fairly unsophisticated weapons and cell phones can keep a city hostage. Get ready for metal detectors at all hotels soon. They are soft targets and certainly cannot afford to lose the tourist business in any city.

– The issue to investigate the Bush administration and torture is making the rounds. More thoughtful heads are entering the discussion. Can this issue be whitewashed with a commission. Read this thorough overview on some of the things that can evolve in this issue.
– It is Black Friday. I have never gone shopping on this nutty day and never will. Good luck to al out there who are hitting the stores. I do admit to enjoy watching the Nightly news when inevitably they will show the stampede of shoppers as the doors open and somebody getting trampled in the frenzy. It goes something like this:

And this hysterical one:

– I will go to work at the Central park Zoo today like I have been doing for the past 18 years. It is one of our more crowded days filled with tourists, families and zoo lovers. Come on over.

– This is what I will be doing today instead of shopping:

– Here is Rachel Maddow with some Thanksgiving thoughts:

– For the Vegans out there:



1. Saito - November 28, 2008

Wow, it’s really chaotic out there…

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