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Potpourri Wednesday December 3, 2008

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bathuddle– Did anyone really think that Jim Martin had a chance to beat Saxby Chambliss? So we don’t have 60 Senate seats. There is always 2010 right around the bend. Will Minnesota’s recount ever be finished?

– Apparently NBC has anointed David Gregory to be the moderator on Meet the Press. Blech. I think he is one of the most boring, uncharismatic faces on TV. And let’s not forget this shameful episode that I cannot seem to get out of my head:

– If you missed this gem on the Daily Show Monday night here is a chance to watch it now. Jon Stewart riffs about MSNBC’s opportunity to beat Fox in the ratings. It is hysterical.

– NIghtmare on Elm Street – Aurgh. Will we ever be finished with the Bush’? Now that Senator Mel Martinez of Florida has decided to not run for a second term in 2010, we hear the rumor that Jeb Bush is considering a run. Good grief!

– The Repugnants are beginning to rewrite recent history. Do they think we weren’t there? Do they think we don’t remember?

– I have been riled by people trying to blame the workers for the failures of the auto industry. Rachel Maddow talks to United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard about the stake of the workers that hangs in the balance and about how Washington doesn’t blink an eye when bailing out fat cats but scoffs at helping working people.

– Odetta – how sweet her voice was. She will be missed:



1. Renee Branch-Wagner - December 3, 2008

Totally agree that Dick Gregory is uninspiring. Could he be worse
than Tom Brokaw has been? I’ve switched to Stepanopolous.!l

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