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Thursday Melange December 4, 2008

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peekabooThere are so many stories floating out there these days. It was just one month ago that we were singularly focused on the election. This memory, while still sweet, has been replaced with lots of developing news.
For those who need an instant jolt of happy face check out all of the front pages the day after the election.

–  This is an almost 10 minutes video clip and it is a good one. Rachel Maddow discusses the Bush team’s revisionist history, called The Legacy Team. Can you imagine trying to rewrite this thug’s legacy with all of the video tape that is available.

–  Sarah Palin has a HUGE (in Brooklyn, we say ‘YOOGE’) set, doesn’t she? Get this. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has some Republican-to-Republican advice for Gov. Sarah Palin: If you want to make a run at the White House, keep your hands off my Senate seat.

–  So guess what? Obama does have a sense of humor.

–  David Letterman’s Top Ten favorite filmed moments about ‘W’ (rewrite these moments, Bozo)

–  Bob Novak should just go away. “In a new interview, Novak says that he would out CIA Valerie Plame again despite knowing that she was under cover. While he previously indicated that he should not have revealed her name, he now says that he would have knowingly blown her cover despite the violation of federal law and impact on national security. Why? Because of the bad things people have said about him”.

–  If you missed this holy crap story from Rachel about the nightmare called Fema, check  out this video about what has happened in Texas in the last since months since Hurricane Ike hit.

–  Solar Eclipse Taken From an Airplane
This is a video shot from an airplane of the recent total solar eclipse, showing the moon passing in front of the sun. This video shows the entirety of the eclipse and you can see just how the sky is changed and darkened by the shadow of the moon.



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