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Benny & Me December 5, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Animal Stories, Animal Videos, Dogs and cats, Videos.
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My little dog Benny and I participated in the ‘Diamond is Forever’ promotion in Madison Square Park. After watching very traditional couples kiss, embrace or just hold hands, I started to see all kinds of couples – same sex, old/ young, mother/daughter, etc. So I looked at my little guy and said ‘why not us?’ So we walked across the street and became the first inter-species pair to participate in this fun project. Do I care about diamond? Not all all. But I do like to have fun. Check out our video and if you want to see lots of other pairs, go to this site. Benny is my ‘diamond in the rough.’ If you want to view the video in a higher quality, just click on the ‘YouTube’ logo in the bottom right hand corner of the video and you will be directed to the actual YouTube website and can click on ‘watch in high quality.’ You will be able to see us better and the buildings surrounding the park.

How was the video done? They had many Canon 50D cameras surrounding the circle and in just three seconds all of them clicked at once. The site above will have the mechanics of it all coming soon.



1. bonnieluria - December 5, 2008

Now I know how they film So You Think You Can Dance!
And get a glimpse of the new, shorter haircut ( yours, not Bennys’)
Most adorable.
That is one happening park.

2. carolking - December 5, 2008

Awwww, how cute the two of you are!

3. wendy - December 5, 2008

You make a lovely couple. But what did your cat think?

4. Sue Ferla - December 6, 2008

Judy – my mouth dropped! that was a beautiful thing. From one dog lover to another! – sue

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