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Sweet Caroline December 9, 2008

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dolhinSo how do I feel about Caroline Kennedy‘s golden opportunity to take Hillary’s Senate seat? No one – and I mean no one would ever say a bad thing about Caroline Kennedy. She has that golden glow and that ‘do not touch’ aura that essentially only gets her good press. Can she possibly be as good as she seems? As smart as she sounds? Well, maybe she is and I say, why not give her a chance in the Senate? She supports all of the correct issues and has been a fine supporter of education and our faltering Constitution. She is probably someone who can walk into a room, even a Senate chamber and get noticed and listened to. Is it fair? Life’s not fair – just ask a Kennedy. Here’s a follow up scenario. Caroline takes the seat, runs in 2010 for a full six year term and then runs and becomes the first female President of the US in 2016.
And yes,  it is Sweet Caroline (Kennedy). He disclosed that his inspiration for this tune was Caroline Kennedy.

–  President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden will be meeting with former Vice-President Al Gore in Chicago to discuss energy and climate change and how policies in this area can stimulate the economy and create jobs.

–  Welcome to his hanging. The Union League is a Repugnant venue (just in case you were wondering):

–  This moronic idea is over. Sometimes the Court does the correct thing. Without any comment whatsoever, the Supreme Court today declined to take up an appeal by a New Jersey man who questioned President-elect Barack Obama’s eligibility for the presidency, based on his birth to a father from Kenya and a mother who was a United States citizen. The case, brought by Leo Donofrio of East Brunswick, N.J., contended that Mr. Obama could not be considered a “natural-born citizen” — a constitutional ground for becoming president of the United States — because he had dual nationality at birth.

–  Yikes!

–  Rachel talks to Jonathan Turley about the detainees at Gitmo now pleading guilty to the attacks on 9-11 to avoid real trials in the US and instead be allowed to become martyrs if they’re executed under the military tribunal system Bush has in place.

–  US security firm Blackwater has run amok for years and now something and someone is taken to task for their murderous ways. Five US Blackwater guards in Iraq charged have been charged with manslaughter. They  were accused of gunning down 17 Iraqis in 2007 were charged with manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and weapons violations, the Justice Department said Monday. “The indictment charges five Blackwater security guards with voluntary manslaughter, attempt to commit manslaughter for the shooting in Baghdad, Iraq,” said Justice Department spokesman Patrick Rowan.




1. wendy - December 9, 2008

Caroline’s cool. She came to the zoo a few years ago, and I spoke to her in the tropical zone. She was totally unpretentious, and seemed pretty smart, to boot.

2. Renee Branch-Wagner - December 10, 2008

“Sweet Caroline” and “imagine” really brightened the day. “I’ve been thinking” Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”

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