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Santa is Dead December 12, 2008

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deadsantaThe seemingly dead in the water ‘screw you’ to auto workers makes my head hurt. The fact that the Dreadfulcrats still cannot come up with the 60 votes to vote on this lifeline to American car autoworkers is shameful and aggravating. It is an early not so Happy Holidays from the gang that could not shoot straight on top of Capitol Hill. January 20th cannot come soon enough.

–  The end of the year is that time when we review what we have wrought over 365 days. The Center for Public Integrity (remember that word) has gone even further with its review and has come up with a full list of the 128 Bush Administration’s failed policies. Hang onto your hat. It is a trip down memory lane that might make you want to start happy hour a bit earlier today.

Consumers & Workers
o Limited Ability To Block Dangerous Imports
o FDA Enforcement Actions Way Down
o USDA Challenged Over Meat Safety
o Lack of Adequate Foreign Drug Oversight
o Problems in Oversight of Food Safety
o OSHA’s Laissez-Faire Attitude
o FDA Failure To Ensure Drug Safety
o Failure To Protect Consumers From Unsafe Products
o Oversight Collapse Leads To Mine Safety Issues
o Agricultural Quarantine Inspection Stumbles
o Eroding Budget Erodes Consumer Safety
o Lack of Quorum at the CPSC

Contracting & Workforce
o A Failure of Whistle-blower Protection
o Labor Relations Authority: Low Morale, Backlogged Cases
o Contractors Failing Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
o Human Capital Issues Plague Government
o Surge in Outsourcing Creates Problems in Performance, Oversight
o Chronic Understaffing at the EEOC
o No Child Left Behind: A Few Bumps in the Road
o Reading First: Scandalous and Ineffective
o Student Loan Scandal Costs Students

o Paralysis at the Federal Election Commission
o “McCain-Feingold” Fails To Solve Campaign Finance Problem
o Election Assistance Commission Has Not Met Mandates

Emergency Management
o Hurricanes Expose FEMA Woes
o FEMA Trailers Filled With Formaldehyde
o We Can’t Afford Another Flood
o SBA Emergency Assistance Failed for Katrina
o Flood “Protection” in New Orleans

o No Robust, Sustained Alternative Energy Policy
o Foreign Oil Dependence Has Grown
o Refinery Bottleneck Puts Squeeze on Gasoline Supply
o Move to a 21st Century Electricity Grid Is Stalled

o Unsustainable Medicare Spending
o Failure To Reform Social Security
o Social Security Disability Backlogs

o Climate Change: Hide the Assessment
o Failure To Advance Climate Change Policy
o EPA Deprives Public of Information on Toxics
o Science Policy Politicized
o Politicization at Department of Interior
o EPA Stalls on Perchlorate Regulation
o Mountaintop Coal Mining Alters Appalachia
o EPA and OMB Slow Toxic Chemical Risk Studies
o Scandal, Incompetence at Minerals Management Service
o EPA Misleads on Air Quality After 9/11 Attacks
o EPA Ignores Advisers on Particulate Matter Standards
o Everglade Restoration a Man-Made Disaster
o Superfund Program Loses Funding, Momentum
o Toxic Mercury From Coal Plants Unregulated
o Nuclear Waste Problem Unsolved
o EPA Fails To Put Children First
o Failure To Launch: Satellite Delays
o EPA’s Free Pass for Aging Power Plant Emissions

o Shaky Start for Troubled Asset Relief Program
o Skyrocketing Deficit
o Oversight Fails To Keep Pace With a Changed Market
o Lax Oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
o SEC Allows Investment Banks To Go Unregulated
o More Corporations Pay Less in Taxes
o Audit Rates of Rich Fall, Audits of Poor Spike
o Lack of Regs Fueled Accounting Scandal
o U.S. Companies Hiding Revenue Offshore
o Mismanagement and Cronyism at HUD

o Medicare Fraud Out of Control
o 45 Million Americans Without Health Insurance

Information Protection
o Failures in Cybersecurity
o Millions in Equipment Missing From Indian Health Service
o An Epidemic of Missing Laptops

Justice & Security
o Too Close to the Edge on Torture
o CIA Renditions Draw Controversy
o Politicization of Department of Justice
o Failure To Protect Sensitive Technology
o Arbitrary Detention at Guantanamo
o Osama bin Laden Still at Large
o Lack of Progress on Immigration Reform
o WMD Nonproliferation Needs More Attention
o National Security Agency Mismanages Info Technology
o $30 Billion Virtual Border Fence Faces Problems
o First Responders Still Can’t Communicate
o FBI Abuses Power To Request Personal Information
o Agencies Failed To Share Intelligence on 9/11 Terrorists
o Pakistan Remains an Al Qaeda Haven
o FBI Failure To Create a Modern Computer Network
o Nuclear Sites Lack Adequate Security
o Losing the Battle for Hearts and Minds
o DHS Still Getting Up to Speed
o Terrorist Watch List Mismanaged
o Poor Retention of Counterterrorism Staff
o Inability To Track Foreign Visitors to U.S.
o Lack of Due Process for Terrorism Suspects
o FBI Struggles To Confront Multiple Threats
o NORAD, FAA Unprepared for Aerial Attack
o U.S. Guns Arming Mexican Drug Cartels

o False Premise for Going to War
o Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal
o Mismanagement at National Reconnaissance Office
o Poor Health Care for Veterans
o Failure To Regulate Security Contractors
o Pentagon Office’s Misleading Intelligence
o Military Failure To Secure Iraq After Invasion
o Lack of Armored Protection for Troops
o Pentagon’s Slow Adaptation to a War-footing
o Inadequate Planning for Post-Invasion Iraq
o Failure To Secure Weapons in Iraq
o Mismanagement of Major Weapons Acquisitions
o Veteran Disability Claims Languish
o Delay in Opening U.S. Embassy in Iraq
o Air Force Failure To Maintain Nuclear Weapons Accountability
o Taliban Resurgence in Afghanistan
o 190,000 Missing Weapons in Iraq

o NASA Inspector General Lack of Oversight
o NASA’s Failure To Ensure Safety in Human Space Flight
o Massive Backlog at Patent Office
o Census 2010 Stumbles at the Starting Line
o FCC Chairman Martin Under Fire
o Failing To Modernize Air Traffic Control
o Human Fatigue in Transport Accidents Still Unaddressed
o Close Calls on the Runway
o FAA in the Dark on Maintenance
o Record Delays in Air Travel
o FAA Inspectors Cozy Up to Airlines
o Highway Funding Woes
White House
o Controversial Assertion of Executive Power
o Excessive Executive Secrecy
o Signing Statements Thwart Congressional Intent
o Vice President’s Office Exempts Itself From Information Safeguards
o Executive Office of the President “Loses” E-mails

–  Since we are going over bad deeds, Keith Olbermann selects the 25 most financially corrupt politicians in the nation’s long, bribe-filled history. He left us with a cliff hanger last night and only got down to number 12. Stay tuned.



1. bumper sticker - December 15, 2008

I think there might be one way that the auto workers can help persuade the southern Senators to do the auto bail-out. Several of the southern states have new auto plants for Honda and Toyota that are scheduled for construction. The auto workers could signal their intent to re-locate to the southern states to picket the construction of the Honda and Toyota plants if GM and Chrysler go belly up because of the lack of funds.

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