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The Shoe Caper December 15, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Dogs and cats, Photography, Politics, Videos.
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stripesThe shoe caper is worth watching over and over again. The incident eye-popping and the fact that he had no idea why anyone would be angry with him is priceless. It ought to be captioned as ‘clueless.’

–  Wassup in Wasilla? Sarah Palin’s church has been attacked by an arsonist. Is anger on the main menu these days?

– The Electoral College meets today. Wa-hoo!

–  Colin Powell seems to have found his voice. Where was it years ago when he could have averted the Iraq War?

–  I am still focused on the Repugnant’s shallow attack on the auto industry. It is all about killing unions. Do not confuse it with any other issue. This is their way to bruise the unions with hopes to cripple the movement.

–  More on the installation of Diamonds are Forever event in Madison Square Park. You can now watch the construction and installation of they did it here.  in order to get the video called Benny & Me.

–  A bad day for kitties but very very funny:



1. bonnieluria - December 16, 2008

It’s too bad it wasn’t Imelda doing the throwing. She’d still be at it.

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