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Let the (shoe) games begin December 17, 2008

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.
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hogblogYou knew it was going to happen. So have a little fun with the shoe games that have been created for your holiday diversions. The shoe throwing games are here. Another shoe game here.

–  Note to self: It seems funny that so many Democratic Senators are scrambling to leave the Senate to go to work with the Obama administration. I guess being a Senator is not a lot of fun. So why do so many people want the job? Caroline?

–  What does this guy have to do to get indicted? He admits to okaying torture, he is remorseless, arrogant, smug and I for one cannot wait until he gets to the Court in Hague. Will it ever happen? Stay tuned.

–  Senator Salazar has his work cut out for him. It is hard to come up with the worst Bush Department but the Department of the Interior is right up there in the top five.

–  The Bush/Cheney Legacy Tour continues. Can you imagine the t-shirts for this road tour? Fool me one…

–  The Legacy ‘roadies’ continue their bullshit. Watch Chris (I might be running for the Senate) Matthews argue with Frank Gaffney:

–  And finally from the Brits – After George W Bush successfully dodged a shoe, here’s the ultimate guide to accurate shoe-throwing.



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