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More Pardons, Top 10 Stuff and a Poem December 23, 2008

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flatsnowSo many lists – so little time. The only thing I can ever pull together is my top movie list of the year which will be coming out soon. Meanwhile, ejoy all of these other lists.

–  Here is another top ten list.  How about the 10 greediest people? Can you possibly narrow it down to 10?  Well, Sam Pizzigati has done just that in his 10 Greediest People of 2008, Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality. Check out why he chose these guys including, Dwight Schar,  Patrick Soon-Shiong, Richard Baker, James Mulva, Ralph Roberts, Steve Jobs,  Robert Stevens, Larry Ellison, John Thain and Richard Gilman

–  How about the 10 Nastiest Ponzi Schemes?  including The Fraudulent Feminist, The Haiti Haters, The Scientologist Snake, The Lottery Uprising, The Costa Rica Crooks, The Biblical Bilker, The Boy Band Bandit, The Retiree Plunderer, Bernie Madoff and the original – Charles Ponzi

Time Magazine has pulled together a list of top 10 stuff including the top news stories, crime stories, political videos, mediacal breakthroughs, oddballs stories, open mike gaffs, editorial cartoons, campaign gaffs, outrageous earmarks, scientific discoveries and more.

Life Hacker has pulled together its lists including stuff like, Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks, Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks, Top 10 How To Videos, Top 10 Ways to Trick Out Your Desktop and more.

–  The Gear Junkie has some top 10 stuff someone else might want (not me).

–  A Christmas Crisis Carol, by Tim Stewart

T’was the time of the Big Crash, when all through The Street,
Merry traders flogged worthless paper, growing their bonus heap.
Derivatives were shunted ‘round the world without care,
Knowing St. Greenspan soon would proclaim, “No bubble there!”
Read the rest here.

–  Pardon me? Here’s a list of the latest Bush pardons.

–  Susan Mikula (Rachel Maddow’s partner) is having a big show in a gallery in Chelsea. Check out the site, her work and the crowd that gathered to see it (and Rachel). There is a slide show that allows you (if you have patience to see the opening night and Rachel).

– Amazing Holiday Card:


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