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Happy New Year January 1, 2009

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hny09blogTo make resolutions or not to make resolutions is a problem for others, but not for me. At this point in my life I realize that resolutions get broken too quickly and needlessly bring about depression, anger and guilt. Therefore, no resolutions for me. Are there things about me that could use some adjustments, tweaking and improvement?  But of course -however, I probably will not stick to a resolution, so why make myself feel guilty? I prefer making revolution and contribution, not resolutions. So if you have made any resolutions, good luck and if you break them by the weekend, do not despair, I like you just the way you are.  I wish all out there a very Happy, guilt free New Year. And yes, that is Benny, my very cooperative dog, featured above. No, it is not photoshopped. If you look very carefully, you can see my reflection in his glasses.

–  Here are some people that certainly should be making some resolutions. Presenting, the winners of  2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards. It is a 13 minute video, so take your time. These winners (really all big time losers) deserve all of your attention.

–  Cabinet confirmations begin next week if you want to start putting some dates in your 2009 calendars today. “This time around, given the crush of crises on the economic and foreign fronts, the Senate leadership will focus on trying to confirm national security and financial Cabinet members by the inauguration.”Few of the nominations have sparked wide controversy, and it’s extremely rare for the Senate to reject presidential Cabinet nominees outright. It would be especially unusual this session, given that the incoming administration is Democratic as is the majority in the Senate, and considering the fact that Mr. Obama has invited several senators (and representatives) to join his Cabinet.

–  If you cannot think of any resolutions and want to make some, check out this video for ideas:

–  Have a very New year from some Youtube stars:



1. Bonnie Luria - January 1, 2009

Benny- the Elton John of dogdom!

And that CAT video- too cute.

Waiting for an extra 13 minutes to watch the Duke awards.

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