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A Return to Normal Except for a few Items January 5, 2009

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gaza-sizeI can always tell when the long holiday is over without looking at a calendar. I walk my dog Benny around 6 in the morning each day. My local park opens its gates at 6 and we are usually the first to enter. It has been woefully quiet these past 10 days but this morning the heartbeat of the City returned. The fruit vendor was setting up on the corner and we said our usual ‘good morning.’ The Kenyan newspaper guy is on the corner once again practicing his English and selling the Daily News and the NY Post. We exchanged our normal greeting today and added ‘ Happy New Year’ to the mix. The traffic is flowing and the people are trudging their way to work. The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow all return to normal programming tonight. Life goes one. It is a return to normal except for the following few things.

– The map above gives you a good idea of the size of the Gaza strip. It is superimposed over the State of Rhode Island. I would like to give credit to this map – but I cannot remember where I found it. Mea culpa.

– Aren’t we all glad that Bill Richardson’s lobbying to be Secretary of State did not work out? It would have been much worse if he had to back out of that position. Whew!

–  In some good news, it appears that Virginia Governor Tim Kaine will become chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He was on the short list to be VP on the Obama team. I remember seeing him on an interview and he said his moving eyebrow was a distraction to the voters. I laughed and laughed. He seems like a good choice to me. Stay tuned.

– It looks like A state election board on Monday will announce Democrat Al Franken as the winner of the Minnesota Senate race, defeating Republican incumbent Norm Coleman. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie told CNN the canvassing board on Monday will confirm that Franken won the race by a 225-vote margin.

–  Here’s Ben Stein talking to us about us:

I know that you are not going to miss this thug – but he has to be listened to to remind us of how much he has gotten away with all of these hellish years. He has no regrets, no remorse and apparently no soul. Watch his speak with Bob Schieffer on Face the nation yesterday. Cheney implied that a presidents actions were legal if those actions didnt result in his impeachment.

–  Rachel Maddow likes to drink.  Check out her recipe for her favorite drink, the Jack Rose. Watch the video to learn the proper way to shake and what constitutes real lime juice. :

–  This is the sweetest story to date. The odd couple had nothing on these two:

–  Remember Jack Abramoff? So many scandals – so confusing. Well, some people think that more Repugnant heads are going to roll in 2009. “To date, sixteen people—including Abramoff—have plead guilty in the scandal and as terms of their pleas they have been cooperating with the DOJ. Another two have been indicted. One is awaiting trial while the other was recently found guilty again in a retrial. Others, including Abramoff, have been indicted for crimes committed on the US Territory of Guam. A trial there is schedule to begin in January 2009. And then there are some indictments on the Marianas Islands that may also prove to be related to corruption in Washington when they come to trial. And that is just what is known on the surface. There are quite a few people identified in these cases who have yet to be indicted, but their day is coming.” Stay tuned.

–  The world’s absolutely smartest mouse:



1. Bonnie Luria - January 5, 2009

Still recovering from the Bella/Tara love affair and that mouse- oh that mouse. The only negative thing about this post is that these incredible representations of mammals at their best had to be tainted by being on the same post as Dick Cheney.
Just sayin’.

Looks like a longer breakfast today- there’s so much to read and see on this posting…..

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3. Carol King - January 5, 2009

I want to drink with Rachel Maddow.

I saw the story about the doggie and the elephant. Two of my favorite animals. Didn’t the dog look a little like Benny is some of the segments? I almost called you yesterday to tell you Benny was on TV!

And I COULD NOT BELIEVE my ears when I heard Dick Cheney say that about it’s ok if we didn’t get impeached!

I hate my job. If I really screw up will I get a bailout?

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