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Knock, knock. Who’s there? January 7, 2009

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alWhy its Roland – Roland Burris. Sorry Roland, we hear you knockin’ but you can’t come in. Poor Roland Burris. He can’t seem to get a break. The Senate Democrats are not letting him in the front door. The same Democrats unanimously reelected Nancy Pelosi as their leader. I would not have voted for her. However, I would have let Roland in – and I think sooner, rather than later, they will. The Democrats do not want to recognize an appointment from Rod Blagojevich, who is accused of trying to sell the seat to replace President-elect Barack Obama. Burris attempted to be sworn in on the first day of the 111th Congress, but was told by the Secretary of the Senate that his credentials “were not in order.” Nancy Erickson, the Senate secretary, initially cited the absence of the signature of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White as the reason for rejecting the appointment. Burris is trying to get the Illinois Supreme Court to order White to sign the form. White has no authority to refuse his signature and is claiming the right to unilaterally block an appointment because he simply does not like or is suspicious of the appointing governor. No one has claimed that Burris bought this seat and indeed he would have been on the list of likely candidates for any governor.  The Democrats have an uncanny ability to self-destruct. They are allowing this side show to distract attention from the important business at hand. The appointment is only for two years. Let him have the darn seat. I understand they think he is unelectable in two years – but as we know, two years in politics is a very long time. A hearty congratulations to my guy, Al Franken, (above) whose campaign called my house every day after I donated to his campiagn. He will be showing u knocking at the Senate door eventually too.

–  Poor Roland. I would have let him in and thrown some of the other fools out.

– I think Leon Panetta as head of the CIA is an inspired choice. His record is great and he has come out loud and clear against torture. Not telling Dianne Feinstein ahead of time is a just way to tell her that she better get on board with Obama’s view on torture. She and Jay Rockefeller should hang their heads in shame for the carte blanche open door they gave to Bush and his thugs on all of their illegal activities.

–  Here’s a fun time filler. Just click on a Senate seat to see who is sitting there now and then click again to see who has sat in that seat before.

–  Whoa! It seems that Jeb Bush, despite his daddy’s yearnings is not going to run for the open Senate seat in Florida. Perhaps he is the only Bush with a brain. Jeb Bush has decided not to run for the Senate in Florida next year, according to former state House Speaker Marco Rubio. “He said it just wasn’t the right timing,” Rubio said, recounting a phone call he received this afternoon from the former Florida governor and presidential brother.

–  Follow up. Remember the guy who was kicked off of a Jetblue flight because of his t-shirt? Well, he just settled his lawsuit for $240,000.

–  Al Franken is finally the winner. A Minnesota board on Monday certified results showing Democrat Al Franken winning the state’s U.S. Senate recount over Republican Norm Coleman, whose lawyer promised a legal challenge that probably will keep the race in limbo for months.

– Now THIS is funny!

–  Speaking if buffoons. Is anyone going to miss this idiot? The malaprops and mangled statements are legendary. Try to find your favorite in this list. Here’s one of mine. “Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many OB/GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.”

–  Seen the new Black and White Lemurs at the Central Park Zoo yet?



1. coffee - January 9, 2009

the crazy thing is that a lot of people would actually vote for Jeb Bush (the brother of George W)

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