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Where’s the Suggestion Box? January 10, 2009

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foodthoughtFirst suggestion of the day. We see and hear Barack Obama almost everyday speaking about one topic or another. He has introduced us to his ‘team’, spoken about the economy, the economy, the economy and jobs. My new gripe is that he almost never looks at the camera (that would be us, out there in the world). He looks to the left, he looks to the right, he looks down at his notes and then he looks to the left and right again. I have started to yell to the TV, “Hey, Mr President Elect, look over here”! “Look at us!”. I am not sure why he does not engage the camera – but he does not. The only time he actually looks into the camera is when he is giving one of his weekly youtube talks. Is this a big gripe? No. But I think it would be a good idea if someone told him to look at us every now and then. We are listening. (Just some food for thought).

–  This is a long piece of video (no need to watch it all). I am just trying to emphasize my point that he does not look into the camera.

–  Second suggestion of the day. We will soon have a vacancy on the Supreme Court. I am betting on sometime in the spring. How about Jonathan Turley as the nominee. He is a Constitutional Professor and a really, really smart guy.
Listen to Rachel speak with my favorite all around new guy, Jonthan Turley.

–  This was not one of his Special Comments, but it sure was close. Bush as The Liberator.

–  If you missed Jon Stewart‘s very funny comments on Joe the Plumber‘s war correspondent gig, check it out here.

–  The third story in this piece popped my eyeballs out. I had not heard about this and will not did a bit deeper. It sure is scary stuff. A New York attorney was kidnapped during a trip to London, taken to Belarus to a KGB penal colony & accused of multiple crimes. He explains how a private law firm, Amnesty International & the State Department are attempting to rescue him.

–  If you are home later watching the snow, check out Gail Collins’ great column in today’s Times.

–  How cool is this. Obama makes it into the new Spiderman comic.



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