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Head Colds Suck January 13, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Animal Videos, Politics, Videos, wildlife.

coldheadI have a mind numbing, eye throbbing, nose stuffing head cold. Everything hurts. The room spins. My brain does not function in this mode. Why oh why can’t they cure the common cold? You know the old adage -if you go to a doctor your cold lasts seven days, if you do nothing, it lasts a week. I am counting down those seven day. By my calculation I should be perfect for Inauguration day. Can you believe it is just one week to go? By the way, does anyone have a magic elixir I could take to feel better quicker?

Here was yesterday in 100 seconds. I love this new feature at Talking Points Memo.

–  Bush’ last press conference was mesmerizing. If you missed it check out some of these clips.

–  Speaking of torture. Here is Keith on last night’s show speaking with my guy, Jonathan Turley on the subject of torture. I am not on the fence on this issue. There is not reason why we cannot move ‘forward’ and at the same time, investigate, indict and prosecute these perpetrators of torture.

–  This is what I sound like:



1. Mary Schwalm - January 14, 2009

did the bronx zoo make that better or worse? feel better, certainly the outside in the next few days isn’t a good place to be! We’re bracing for a high of 8 on Friday.

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