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The Bitter End January 15, 2009

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fingerTonight is the last time the Thug-in-Chief delivers a speech to the ‘Amurican’ public. Wa-hoo. What will he say? Will I watch? You betcha! The only reason I watched the Nixon funeral was to make sure he was really dead. I will watch tonight with a middle finger salute just like the photo on the left. With an approval rating inching up to 34% (just who are those people?) he is handing off to an eager, very confident Obama, two wars an economic tsunami and a shredded Constitution.  And this guy has no regrets? Astounding. Gail Collins has a piece on this topic in today’s Times. Among other things she says:
“My fellow Americans, before I leave you next week I want you to know that …

A) “Although things have gone very wrong, I take comfort in the realization that Dick Cheney was actually in control from the get-go. Honest, I never even knew half the people in the cabinet.”

B) “Laura and I have come to realize that all things considered, retirement to a mansion in Texas is just totally inappropriate. And so we take our leave to begin a new life as missionaries at a small rescue station in the Gobi desert …”

C) “Surprise! This has all actually been a bad dream. It’s really still November of 2000 and tomorrow Al Gore is going to be elected president.”

–  Here are the Late Night Comics serving as the mouth piece for all of us.

–  The Torturer-in-Chief screws up yet again:

–  A Jerk-in Chief to the bitter end

–  Yesterday in 100 seconds from Talking Points Memo:



1. jimmyboi2 - January 15, 2009

Bush needs to be brought into a room and convinced with a stick that he really REALLY is a murdering, irresponsible, ill-educated— !!!

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