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Miracle on the Hudson January 16, 2009

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pcit2I hate to fly. I hate everything about flying from packing for the trip, going to the airport, the airport itself, waiting in line, security drones, crowds and lack of air. The only thing I like is arriving at my destination. I am probably one of the only people on the airplane that actually pays attention to the flight attendant when they tell you what to do in an emergency. Yesterday’s miracle on the Hudson had me riveted to the TV. I was a remote control maniac. Clicking from channel to channel watching the same footage of the plane floating in the Hudson. The pilot, Chesley B. Sullenberger III, is a hero. Everyone survived and he could not have landed in a better location on the Hudson. All of the water craft that ferry back and forth were right there within minutes to help save the passengers. Simply amazing. Raise your hand if you think you will see this pilot sitting in the gallery near Michelle at Obama’s first State of the Union speech.

–  Also amazing was our thug-in-chief’s goodbye speech last night. He ended his legacy tour with the same delusional tone that has been heard on every interview these past few weeks. Not much to show on his boring speech but here is a clip from the other night from Keith on Cheney’s delusional ‘It was not our fault’ tour:

–  Yesterday (January 15) in 100 seconds via Talking Points Memo:

–  Torture is a big issue in my mind. The perpetrators on these war crimes should not be allowed to get away with their crimes. Here’s Rachel with my guy, Jonathan Turley on torture and other subjects.

–  Maybe some of you looked like this while watching Bush’ farewell speech last night:



1. Carol King - January 16, 2009

hey, where did you get footage of me in my stroller! I’m still doing that today. In fact, I looked exactly like that yesterday at a staff meeting!

Amazing story about the plane on the Hudson. You know I’m just as fixated on it as you since we both enjoy flying so much.

2. Mary Schwalm - January 16, 2009

Who gets the photo credit for the first photo? Did our favorite ESU Officer get to respond? I know all about the second from Janis Krums and his Twittering. Yay twitter.

3. Renee Branch-Wagner - January 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson was all the more a blessing as it distracted the mainstream media from that propaganda swansong,an infuriating string of rhetoric and lies delivered with the smirk honed for lo these many years. Not to mention the latest Bin Laden tape. Could a 6ft4inch individual on dialysis all these years still be alive, really ? Miracle on the Hudson was a fitting prelude to the Inaugural Weekend. Lets get happy for a change!!

4. Lincoln O'Brien - January 16, 2009

I too was glued to the tube…first thinking it was the current plot of “24” come to life…then amazed at the skill of the pilot and relieved that everyone lived…my pal works for US Air, he’s an engineer managing engineers who are called upon when things like this happen…needless to say, he was up late last night….he told another friend that the pilot can fly gliders…how about that…

5. Mary Schwalm - January 18, 2009

you know how we photojournalists are with getting photo credit! The first photo was actually taken by a pro with real cameras, Reuters/Eric Thayer, he did a sensational and thorough job! The second was true citizen journalism and twitter at its finest. Janis Krum (with his cell phone)

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