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Judy One Note January 17, 2009

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torturedgusStop! You’re torturing me! I know I have been droning on and one about the issue of torture and illegal wiretapping and the need for investigations, indictments, trials and punishments but it is a very important issue and I am anxious that my support for our new President will wane quickly if this issue is swept under the rug. Our country was founded under laws that are not always convenient but need to be followed. The same thugs that perpetrated the Iran -Contra scandal during the Reagan years and got away with it reappeared in later Repugnant administrations rode rough on our Constitution all over again. If the thugs who were involved in our torture policy get away with this come they will reappear when the Repugnants come into power again (and although it seem as if they will never be in power again, trust me, they will). Paul Krugman wrote a brilliant column yesterday on this issue called Forgive and Forget?

–  Speaking of torture. Our Governor, David Paterson is taking a very long time making his decision about who will replace Hillary Clinton. The longer he takes the more I get the feeling back door deals our being sealed. Anything smell fishy to anyone else?

–  Jonathan (my guy) Turley speaks about the issue with Keith Olbermann:

– Keith does a fine job of consolidating the eight years of Bush down to eight minutes:

– January 16th in 100 seconds thanks to Talking Points Memo:

– For those that like to plan ahead, here is the Inauguration schedule minute by minute. A friend of mine who is a photographer for the Associated Press will be arriving earlier than everyone as she is going to be stationed stage left on a viewing platform. I will be looking for her as well. She also gets to cover the Neighborhood Ball in the evening. Go Elise!

9:00 AM VIPs begin arriving: Former Presidents, Governors, Members of the House of Representatives, United States Senators, Cabinet designees
9:45 AM Platform seating begins
11:03 AM Former Presidents announced and seated
11:12 AM Biden family announced and seated
11:14 AM Obama family announced and seated
11:16 AM Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney announced and seated
11:18 AM Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden announced and seated
11:20 AM President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney announced
11:22 AM Vice President-elect Joe Biden announced and seated
11:25 AM President-elect Barack Obama is announced and seated
11:30 AM Senator Feinstein delivers opening remarks
11:34 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Pastor Rick Warren
11:35 AM Invocation by Pastor Rick Warren
11:37 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Aretha Franklin
11:38 AM Aretha Franklin – “My Country Tis of Thee”
11:42 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Senator Bennett
11:44 AM Senator Bennett introduces Associate Justice Stevens
11:46 AM Vice Presidential Oath administered by Associate Justice Stevens
11:47 AM Senator Feinstein introduces performers
11:48 AM Yo-Yo Ma, Anthony McGill, Gabriela Montero, Itzhak Perlman – “Air and Simple Gifts” composed by John Williams
11:53 AM Senator Feinstein introduces Chief Justice Roberts
11:54 AM Chief Justice and President-elect Barack Obama move to podium
11:56 AM The Presidential oath is administered.
11:57 AM Herald Trumpets perform “Ruffles and Flourishes” and the U.S. Marine Corp Band plays “Hail to the Chief”. Twenty one gun salute.
11:58 AM Senator Feinstein introduces the President
12:01 PM Inaugural address
12:21 PM Senator Feinstein introduces poet Elizabeth Alexander
12:27 PM Benediction given by Reverend Joseph Lowery
12:31 PM Presidential party departs from platform
12:32 PM Departure ceremony
12:36 PM President and Mrs. Bush depart from the East plaza in helicopter
12:52 PM President’s Room signing ceremony
1:05 PM Statuary Hall luncheon
2:32 PM Review of the troops
2:36 PM President and Mrs. Obama, and Vice President and Dr. Biden leaves with parade

–  Mr President elect, please don’t fall asleep over this issue:



1. Bonnie Luria - January 17, 2009

One note that still makes music.

Keep singin’ mama, we count on you to keep it real.

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