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It was a very good day January 21, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.

efasIt was a very good day. I hope you were able to savor every moment of the yesterday’s events as I did. I gathered with some 20 friends and as predicted, we laughed, we cried, we hooted, we waved a mad goodbye to Bush as he choppered out of sight (with no shoes thrown) and generally had a fine time indeed. The sight of Dick Cheney in a wheel chair evoked a memory of Dr Strangelove. We were all waiting for his arm to involuntarily go into a Hitler salute. Everyone made it through Rick Warren‘s speech (albeit with some groans). I hoped that Aretha Franklin would not wear one of her thousand fur coats and she did not. She must have gotten the memo. Her hat was fabulous, as was she. The children were adorable, Michelle looked gorgeous, though very cold and Obama was stirring. The Benediction by Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, was a fine way to end the day’s ceremony. Amen. I taped it all at home so I could watch it all over again and have started to do that. Yesterday’s TV event was a rerun I could watch for awhile. The above photos are just two from my friend, Elise Amendola’s portfolio from yesterday’s events.

–  Day Two for Obama will not have as much cheering. It is a work day. There is much to undo and promises to keep. If we could only turn back time so he did not have such a huge mess to clean up. I am not one for much praying, but I sure will be hoping a lot.

–  Today’s front pages from the Newseum.

–  President Barack Obama’s new administration ordered all federal agencies and departments on Tuesday to stop any pending regulations until they can be reviewed by incoming staff, halting last-minute Bush orders in their tracks. “This afternoon, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel signed a memorandum sent to all agencies and departments to stop all pending regulations until a legal and policy review can be conducted by the Obama administration,” the White House said in a statement issued just hours after Obama took office. (AP)

–  Senator John Cornyn held up Hillary’s confirmation under the guise of wanting more transparency from the Clinton Foundation. What a crock. Here’s a guy who thought that Bush walked on water and now he wants transparency from Clinton? Laughable. He was only able to stop the vote for one day. There will be a voice vote today and she will be confirmed. In the old butterfly flapping it’s wings theory, that means that David Paterson will announce his choice of Senator tomorrow. Confirmed by the full Senate yesterday:  Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy; Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education; Janet Napolitano, for Homeland Security, Peter Orszag as Director of the office of Management and Budget; Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior; Eric K. Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs; and Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture.

–  Change has come to America including the White House website. Check it out here.

–  The Daily Kos launched a webtv site. Very cool, indeed. Check it out. Daily Kos TV is a political news video blog published by Kos Media and created and edited by Jed Lewison.

–  I need much more than The day in 100 seconds, but here it is from Talking Points Memo:



1. bumper sticker - January 21, 2009

Mike Wallace needs to go over to his son and give him a good whack to the side of the head. He’s not sure Barack Obama is really President because the oath wasn’t administered verbatim? I suppose this will now be one of the main issues from the right wingers who still have no concept of how badly they’ve screwed up this country. Jeesh!

But — other than that, it was a wonderful, awesome day!

2. franklynchusa - January 21, 2009

My biggest excitment is Steven Chu from my alma mater Berkeley.

We finally have a true scientist in charge of Energy policy. What a refreshing change!!

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