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Seat belts fastened – change is swift January 22, 2009

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changePresident Obama had a very busy day yesterday. The first full day as the most powerful man in the world must be pretty heady stuff. He spent about 10 minutes alone in the Oval Office. He read the note in the desk drawer from #43 to #44. Just what do you think Bush wrote to him? He took the oath of office for the second time. As a constitutional law professor, he must have made the decision that John Roberts’ screw up should be remedied. This should quash the lunatic fringe from screaming that Obama isn’t really president. Ha also telephoned Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and King Abdullah II of Jordan. Good luck on that front, Mr. President.

–  President Obama Issues First Executive Orders. It is easier to hear for yourself than for me to write about it. It is a very good start and the cleansing of Government begins.

–  Confirmation Updates: Jan 21, 2009 – Hillary Clinton, confirmed by full Senate, 94-2, The two senators who opposed Clinton’s confirmation were Jim DeMint, R-South Carolina, and David (hooker scandal) Vitter, R-Louisiana. Susan Rice, confirmed by Foreign Relations Committee by voice vote.  Already Confirmed by the full Senate:  Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy; Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education; Janet Napolitano, for Homeland Security, Peter Orszag as Director of the office of Management and Budget; Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior; Eric K. Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs; and Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture.

–  Senate Republicans forced a one-week delay in the Judiciary Committee’s vote on Eric Holder’s nomination to be attorney general. They are being jerks thinking they can get Holder to promise not to pursue the torture issue.

– Oh, sweet Caroline. What the heck happened. When I first heard the rumor last night that Caroline Kennedy dropped out of the race I was disappointed. I think she got word that she did not get the job and so she opted out. I blame David Paterson. He wavered and teased for way too long. Unless he picks Andrew Cuomo, I fear the Democrats might not keep the seat in 2010. Stay tuned.

–  No one is left to warn Will Robinson of danger. Bob May, who wore the Robot’s suit in the hit 1960s television show “Lost in Space,” died on Sunday in Lancaster, Calif. He was 69. His line to one of the children, “Danger, Will Robinson,” became a national catchphrase.

–  Keith Olbermann talks to Jonathan Turley about the closing of Gitmo, how to handle the prosecutions of detainees, the stalling of the confirmation of Eric Holder and President Obama retaking the oath of office.

–  The 81st Academy Awards nominations will be announced today at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

–  January 21, 2009 in 100 seconds by Talking Points Memo:



1. bumper sticker - January 22, 2009

Great photo of the “changing of the guard” at Gitmo. And, great first Executive Orders!

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