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Junior Senator Who? January 24, 2009

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APTOPIX NY Senate SeatMy initial skepticism over yesterday’s choice of Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton by the ever wavering Governor David Paterson was confirmed last night when I watched the news coverage of the announcement. Standing oh so close to Ms Gillibrand was the bloated image of former NY Senator Al D’amato (he even shoved Chuck Schumer out of camera range). It turns out that Ms Gillibrand was a summer intern for D’amato while in college and D’Amato, is an old family friend. Gillibrand’s ftather, Doug Rutnik once lived with former D’Amato aide Zenia Mucha. Being that close to Al D’amato is a very negative thing in my book.

My Gillibrand does not represent any urban thought process that I know about. Yes, we are a big state and I do recognize that up-staters have needs too. However, we down-staters are a vocal, cash-cow, voting group with serious political issues that cannot be overlooked. I think Paterson’s choice was a terrible one and his trashing of Caroline Kennedy does not bode well for his re-election campaign in 2010. Andrew Cuomo? Where are you?

Now, about Chuck Schumer – word has it that he was campaigning hard for Ms Gillibrand. I am still angry at him for pushing fromer Attorney Geneneral Michael Mukasey down our throats and now I find that he might be responsible for this choice as well. Chuck, you are disappointing us. AP Photo/Mike Groll above.

More tomorrow on Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s outrage over this selection and plan.

–  In the good news department: ‘President Barack Obama on Friday struck down the Bush administration’s ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information _ an inflammatory policy that has bounced in and out of law for the past quarter-century. The ban has been a political football between Democratic and Republican administrations since GOP President Ronald Reagan first adopted it 1984. Democrat Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but Republican George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office’.

– Great new site to bookmark. PolitiFact has compiled about 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on their Obameter. They rate their status as No Action, In the Works or Stalled. Once they find action is completed, they rate them Promise Kept, Compromise or Promise Broken.

–  In the funny column: Political Irony –  In honor of our new president, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream recently announced a new flavor called “Yes Pecan!“. Here is a list of some more flavors including, Heck of a Job, Brownie! imPeachmint, Abu Grape, Grammar Cracker S’moron, Guantanmallow, Chock ‘n Awe, Grape Depression and Cluster Fudge.

– January 23, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

–  In his first weekly address since being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, President Barack Obama discussed how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will jump-start the economy.



1. Kate Ryan - January 24, 2009

Give us upstaters a break! We are not represented among the “Three Men in a Room” in Albany, nor in the US Senate. Personally, I live in Western New York, and it may as well be the moon as far as representation goes. D’Amato gives me the willies, too, however, and your point about Patterson’s treatment of Caroline is spot-on. I am predicting now that Andrew Cuomo will be our next governor.

2. franklynchusa - January 28, 2009

This is big news

Make this into an article on your blog, you can just cut and paste the whole thing and post it as
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The censorship has started

First they attack talk radio, then they target Rush Limbaugh

Now they censored me, a Presidential candidate
That is the ultimate dictatorship
Make it impossible for anyone to oppose you in elections

It is how Obama won all his Illinois elections,
By getting his opponents deleted from the ballot

It is George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth deleting people from newspapers and now from blogs

This is how Hitler started. Once they start deleting blogs of Presidential candidates, the next step is for the Nazi Brownshirts to knock on your door in the middle of the night
Firs they take away your free speech, then they take away everything, because who can hear you cry out

Somebody got wordpress to freeze my Presidential account so I cannot post

You can still read it, but I have been notified that wordpress will soon delete it

My only offense is being smarter than Obama. Oh, also I wrote an article about how Obama was starting to censor the news. So they censored me.

They will come for you next

We must fight censorship

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“Reinstate http://franklynchusa.wordpress.com

Because we do not want censorship of Presidential candidates regardless of what Party they are”

Then send a blank email to frank@franklynch.org with the subject “censors”
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