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Blame and Shame & Scumbags January 30, 2009

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fatcatBla-gone-jevich! I am not sorry to see this wacko leave center stage. He had way more than his 15 minutes of infamy. Next! ‘Shame on you’, says President Obama to the Wall Streeters and Bankers who have taken all of their bonus’ on the backs of the poor people.  How come the politicians are the last ones to realize that nothing has changed. We gave billions of dollars to the very same people who caused the mess without any strings attached. Well, look out New Yorkers, AG Andrew Cuomo is coming after you. Hope you have not spent all of that bonus money just yet. Maureen Dowd had a great column on the subject in yesterday’s paper too.

–  Obama takes on the fat cats… with a little doors music thrown in and few pictures of who we are talking about. They are James Dimon from JPMorgan Chase, Ken Lewis from Bank of America, John Thaine was used to work at Merrill Lynch, Richard Fuld from Wells Fargo… and Richard Fuld who ran Lehman Brothers into the ground.

–  Karl Rove: doesn’t the name send shivers up and down your spine?

–  Here is Rachel Maddow and Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff on the same subject and a preemptive immunity from the ex-thug-in-chief. This will curl your hair:

–  Check out this adorable Giant baby anteater:



1. Annabel Hoyt - January 30, 2009

Whooooooah! this is the Dowdster at her best! “Six months ago, they would have kept the plane and flown it to Washington.” among other searing quotes. She nails it perfectly in this column.

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