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Tuesday Jambalaya February 3, 2009

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listenWe now have a new Attorney General. Eric Holder was confirmed by the Senate last night. He is the first African American AG and was confirmed in a 75 to 21 vote. It also seems like President Obama will announce his choice of Senator Judd Gregg to be Commerce Secretary. Gregg only agreed to the job if a Republican would be selected to replace him. Note to self: if you elect a President from the US Senate, that new President will scour over and pick his old colleagues to work in the new administration. This snowball effect creates a bit of a mess (see Illinois, New York, Colorado and now New Hampshire). Our salesman-in-chief is going on all of the major networks today to make the case for his stimulus package. Go Obama.

–  In the other stuff to worry about column – Iran launched its first homemade satellite into orbit today. “While Tehran insists the satellite will enable it to improve phone and internet technology and to track natural disasters, western analysts have warned that it would create the capacity to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are guided using satellite technology. Today’s launch makes Iran the 11th country to put a satellite into orbit since the Soviet Union launched the first in 1957.” Keep in ind that Iran is going to have a general election soon.

–  Yesterday’s shoe throwing copycat event at the Chinese Premier did not work as well as the Bush shoe caper.

–  February 2nd in 100 seconds thanks to Talking Points memo.

–  How many think this is going to be easy? Karl Rove’s lawyer said that Rove will cooperate with the Justice Department. That is laughable. Shall we have a countdown until that day arrives? He has already asked for and gotten a three week delay.

–  In the continuing debate over circus animals and cruelty (Not surprising to you I am sure – I am against all animals in circus’) Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, after an eight year battle, are heading to a non-jury trial over cruelty allegations related to its treatment of its elephants.

–  More on animal cruelty. Combine my distaste for Sarah Plain and my abhorrence of animal cruelty and you get this. I have contributed, will you? Sarah Palin continues to push extreme methods to kill wolves and bears, seeking to eliminate hundreds of wolves this season through Alaska’s aerial wolf killing program. Her state’s Board of Game has even approved the killing of young wolf pups in or near their dens, a controversial practice that was illegal until 2008.

–  Can you imagine wining this title? New York’s most obnoxious lawyer. Kenneth Heller has won that title. Good going Kenny. I wonder who came in second?

– Just when you thought it was all over, we learn that Blogo will appear on David Letterman tonight. Now this is funny: Norah O’Donnell, Jonathan Capehart get a kick from Blago spoof



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