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The Dark Force Needs a Muzzle February 5, 2009

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choplickJust when you thought it was safe to take a deep breath in air that was only afraid of worldwide depression, who pops up only two weeks after he was wheeled away from Washington? Why, Dick ‘the dark force’ Cheney, himself. He did not return to his home state like most politicians. The practice of outgoing administrations to hold their tongues and not criticize hew administrations does not work for this crazy right wing ball buster. I guess the idea of Cheyenne Wyoming did not stimulate this sinister guy. No, he moved into new digs in Virginia and has set himself up a little office where he can hold court with anyone who would listen to him. Yesterday he held an interview with poltico.com to remind us once again that we are all doomed if we change anything that he enacted.

–  Without comment, listen for yourself to this fringe character. Cheney warned that there is a high probability that terrorists will attempt a catastrophic nuclear or biological attack in coming years, and said he fears the Obama administrations policies will make it more likely the attempt will succeed. “Protecting the countrys security is a tough, mean, dirty, nasty business, he said. These are evil people. And were not going to win this fight by turning the other cheek.

–  With comment, from Glenn Greenwald wth Rachel Maddow, the argument Glenn made is that Cheney is setting the ground work for the media to attack Obama if we do get attacked and blame him if he ends some of the policies of the Bush administration which he knows were illegal but actually did nothing to keep us safe from terrorism and instead fostered it since the actions of the Bush administration have actually radicalized would be terrorists.

–  I am also getting mighty angry that the Repugnants are getting so much face time in this battle over the stimulus package. They have not had an original idea in years, lost mightily in the 2008 election cycle, yet still are being given face time. Where is our salesman-in chief? Obama apparently will be addressing Congress on February 24th. This is not a State of the union address. That comes next year. Stay tuned.

–  I have not written much about the Bernie Madoff situation. Let me just say that I am stymied as to why this thief is still living in his plush apartment. The idea of being drawn and quartered in the public square sounds good to me too. Harry Markopolis testified before Congress yesterday about his whistle blowing of Madoff back in 2001. It is jaw dropping testimony and this guy should be getting a Medal of Freedom award.

–  ‘The full list of customers and people who had an interest in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities has now been revealed. In a court filing on Wednesday, the restructuring firm AlixPartners compiled a 163 page document with the names and addresses of Mr. Madoff’s customers. The list includes anyone who responded to advertisements placed by the trustee overseeing the bankruptcy of the firm. Not every name on the list is necessarily a victim of Mr. Madoff’s reputed $50 billion Ponzi scheme, but the list includes “everyone who might have an interest in the bankruptcy case,” according to a person briefed on the document’.

–  Chris Matthews agrees with me. That’s odd. Chris Matthews asked Sen. Claire McCaskill why Howard Dean is not being named to replace Tom Daschle as the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Hes a medical doctor. It seems perfect to make him head of HHS, said Matthews.

–  February 4th in 100 seconds:

–  Stephen Colbert did a fine job of skewering Rush Limbaugh the other night.

–  Watch Rachel make a cherry julip cocktail on the Martha Stewart show.



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