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Collective anger, guilt and shame February 22, 2009

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socksSo why is everyone yelling? We, ‘Americans,’ like to point the finger of blame at someone and get moving along. This collective economic mess we are in is very difficult to pinpoint a specific blame. Everyone is mad at the banks, rich people and politicians. The middle class is simply scratching their heads and wondering what the heck happened and how come their house is not worth 18 times as much as they paid for it. The poorer folks are just mad. The collective greed and self-indulgence, regardless of the scale – whether it was insane bonus’ or stampeding over a young man to get tube socks at Wal-Mart on Black Friday, is shared. ‘We’ like quick fixes, but sadly, this mess we are in, is going to take quite awhile to smooth itself out. I think we should regulate, regulate and then regulate some more. The ‘Free Market’ needs to be punished, along with the greedy bastards that are still in charge. Yes, we need to see some heads roll for this economic mess and the mess that the previous administration created in the raping of our Constitution. Frank Rich addresses the issue of our economy and our ‘cultural pattern of denial is hardly limited to the economic crisis.  That ‘pound of flesh’ is awaiting, says Maureen Dowd today.

–  A fond farewell to Socks the Cat. Former First Cat Socks, one of the world’s most famous felines, died Friday at the age of 20 after battling throat cancer since November. A stray cat rescued by, Chelsea, Socks lived in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas and later moved with the family to the White House. He has lived with Clinton’s White House Secretary Betty Currie since the Clintons left the White House. ‘Socks had an incredible life. Betty cooked for Socks,’ noting the cat loved chicken. He was also the subject (along with the family dog) of a book by Hillary Clinton titled Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets. Another passing of note: Mickey Rourke‘s beloved dog Loki has passed away. The Chihuahua died on Monday night at the age of 17. Loki (who is a look alike to my dog, Benny) was featured on Rourke’s video about the importance of spaying and neutering, the pet shop industry, and the commitment required in caring for animal companions.

–  Rachel Maddow on a host of issues, but mostly about torture:

–  File this under wacky, but not surprising, news: Descendants of the Apache leader Geronimo have sued the ultra secret society, Skull and Bones, over rumors that the society stole his skull in a grave robbery detailed in society lore.

–  Rachel tells us what Obama did during his first month in office. Sorry about the annoying 30 second ad for Sprint before the video.

– For those that miss all of those right wing wing-nuts — here you are:

–  My cat, Madison, can do none of these things:



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