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Yes, We Can! February 25, 2009

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highfiveWowzer! Our Salesman-in-Chief is back. Last night’s pep talk to the Joint Session of Congress was terrific. There was not a whole lot of detail but if his goal was to instill confidence in the American ‘can do’ philosophy – he hit a home run (perhaps with the bases loaded). He has an amazing capacity to actually make you believe him and believe in his dream and his plan (however vague). It is fun to watch the camera break away to focus on some of the Obstructionist Repugnants who have worked hard to defeat any stimulus plan other than tax cuts. Boy oh boy – it is nice to be in charge. We have been in the wilderness for a long time and the sunshine feels really good. Go Obama.

–  The wacky Governor of Louisiana, young Bobby Jindal, delivered the wimpy Repugnant rebuttal address. My loudest laugh last night was from MSNBC when Jindal was about to deliver this speech an audible ‘Oh God’ could be heard ( I say it was Keith Olbermann).

– This is funny – check out Rachel’s reaction to Jindal’s speech:

–  The New York Times today addresses the issue of ‘Primates as Pets’ in today’s editorial page. As I said last week. The only primate that belongs in your home is you. ‘the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the Captive Primate Safety Act, which would ban the interstate transport of primates as pets’. If you really need to see an exotic primate – go to your local zoo. They need your support right now anyway, as funds re being cut across the board to cultural institutions.
“The recent chimpanzee attack in Stamford, Conn., was a tragedy for the woman who was horribly mauled. It was also a reminder that primates should not keep other primates as pets. The obvious reason is the danger involved. No matter how tame they may sometimes appear, chimpanzees are vastly stronger than most people realize. And no matter how socialized a chimpanzee seems, it is still in exile from its kind, its way of being. Travis, the 200-pound chimp in Stamford who was shot and killed by police, was marginally legal. Had his owner registered him — as required in Connecticut for primates over 50 pounds — he would have been fully legal. But Travis had been exempted, largely for good behavior. At present, there may be as many as 15,000 primate pets in the United States. Only 20 states prohibit keeping them as pets, and there is no federal law against it. But there may soon be a law that makes it much harder to obtain them. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the Captive Primate Safety Act, which would ban the interstate transport of primates as pets. The Senate should quickly follow. The legislation poses no risk to federally licensed facilities, such as zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Unfortunately, chimpanzees are only a small part of the global exotic pet trade, which is fueled by greed, curiosity and a misplaced, often wildly sentimental interest in animals. It’s only natural to feel empathy for a chimp that has been orphaned, one way or another, into the human world. But chimps belong with other chimps — in proper wildlife sanctuaries — and not living as if they were nearly human among humans”.

– File this under ‘it’s about time’: Senate confirms Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary.The Senate voted 80-17 to confirm Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary. The vote is a defeat for anti-worker conservatives, who have been stalling her nomination since Obama nominated her on Dec. 19.

–  When will they learn? Yesterday’s news that Northern Trust of Chicago threw a mega-party in California made some eye-balls pop. Read what Maureen Dowd had to say today.

–  In more bad news for the newspaper business – The San Francisco Chronicle joined the lengthening list of imperiled newspapers Tuesday as its owner set out to purge the payroll and slash other expenses in a last-ditch effort to reverse years of heavy losses.

–  Here’s February 24, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds:



1. Mo MoDo - February 25, 2009

I was impressed with how familiar Dowd is with Sheryl Crow lyrics. She quoted ‘Real Gone’ real ironically. More analysis of the column here.

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