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Change is a Comin’ February 27, 2009

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handstitelRemember why we all voted for Barack Obama? If you had forgotten in all of this month’s messy talk about the stimulus bill (now the recovery act) we were jolted back to the long long campaign and the promises he made by yesterday’s delivery of the new 10 year budget. To simplify what Obama intends to do, try to erase the 30 year’s of Reaganomics where we saw the  decline of the middle class, the dizzying rise in our health care costs (I pay almost $900 per month) and the inequities in income and taxation of the very rich to the rest of us. It is a bold plan that will finally address global warming, change the tax code to shift more costs to corporations and the wealthy, enlarge the Federal Government’s role in education and the most important thing of all – address healthcare and its rising costs that have eaten away at most people’s incomes. It will be a long, hard fought battle with Congress to get this past but we have a 78 seat majority in the House and if we could finally seat Al Franken will have 59 votes in the Senate we can do it. Yes, we can. The Obstructionist Repugnants who were drunk with spending during the Bush years will be loudly denouncing this plan in front of every camera they can find. Stay tuned.

–  If you have some extra time on your hands and want to take a look at the budget check it out here.

–  In other stains we need to clean up after the insanity of the past years. Pay attention to the lifting of the ban on photographing the coffins of the returning dead soldiers:

–  Will Taxation without Representation finally be over or will this ultimately go to the Supreme Court for review? On Tuesday, the Senate achieved cloture (broke a filibuster) on S.160, the District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2009, which would (1) permanently expand the size of the House from 435 to 437 members and (2) give one of these additional seats to the District of Columbia. This measure is quite likely to formally pass the Senate soon, be followed up with a vote in the House, and be signed by the President. Unless it is struck down on a Constitutional basis (and it will certainly be challenged), it will become the law. Nate Silver wonders if he will have to change the name of his website from 538 to 539

–  Here yesterday in 100 seconds:

–  If you missed the pathetic response to Obama’s speech the other night by Governor Bobby Jindal, check it out here in two parts:

–  And here is part two:

–  Chris Matthews makes me laugh. When he gets passionate about a subject he gets more and more animated. Watch his take exception to Rep. Darrell Issas use of the term Democrat to describe the Democratic Party. I think the Democratic Party calls itself the Democratic Party. Not the Democrat Party. Do we have to do this every night? Why do people talk like this? Fighting words to get the name wrong? complained Matthews.

–  Bonnie, a 30-year-old female orangutan living at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C., began whistling a sound that is in a humans, but not an orangutans, repertoire after hearing an animal caretaker make the sound. Bonnie is the first-known orangutan to imitate a sound from a human’s vocal repertoire.



1. Don - February 27, 2009

….and so the Republicans are looking to Bobby Jindal to lead them out of the embarassing state that they’re in? They’d be more credible with Bonnie the Whistling Orangutan.

2. bumper sticker - February 27, 2009

It looked like about 75% of the “Day in 100 Seconds” video was clips from Fox News. What’s up with that?

3. Donald Diddams - February 28, 2009

And now the “investor class” on CNBC are whining about how Obama’s budget is class warfare against the wealthy. Class warfare? Isn’t that what we’ve had for the past few decades, beating down the poor and middle class? Obama is only taking a few steps toward ending that war.

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