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Multitasking in the 21st Century March 11, 2009

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titlebordsWhat’s with the talking (or should I say, screaming) heads now saying that the Obama Administration is taking on too many things. The Obstructionist morons now claim that he should only be working on the economy. What are we supposed to do? Just sit and stare at the Dow Jones average all day long? They are squawking that health care, science and education can wait. Wait for what? Wait for them to do nothing? The ‘do nothing’ party is also proffering the idea of a spending freeze. What are they thinking? Are they pulling these ideas out of their butts? Obama’s retort to the do-nothings: “I know there are some who believe we can only handle one challenge at a time,” Obama said, before ticking off the great feats past presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy accomplished during difficult times. “We don’t have the luxury of choosing between getting our economy moving now and rebuilding it over the long term.”

–  The Day in 100 Seconds for you:

In other moronic news ‘South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R), who is considering a run for president in 2012, “will be sending President Obama a letter in the next few days asking for permission to apply a quarter of South Carolina’s stimulus money, approximately $700 million, to pay down State debt rather than use the money for Government stimulus spending.’

–  In other news: It looks like Al Franken can probably start packing his bags for Washington.

– My cat can’t do this – but then again, neither can my dog.

–  In the continuing saga of Jon Stewart’s ripping CNBC’s Rick Santelli a new one, here is Part Two. Good entertainment.

– Listen to Rachel as she explains the Employee Free Choice Act. No big surprise – I am for it.

–  For those that are following this disgusting saga, Bernie Madoff pleads guilty. This story is far from over.

–  A follow up on the PR debacle of AIG and Mark Penn:

– Just because:



1. wendy - March 11, 2009

Like health care, education and science aren’t part of the economy. Right.

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