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Off with their heads March 20, 2009

Posted by judylobo in Photography, Politics, Videos.
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blogtitlerafeThe hoopla over the AIG bonuses reminds me of the hoopla over earmarks/pork in any given budget or bill. Much ado over a tiny portion of a huge problem but something that screaming politicians can steal a sound bite about and get Uber-face time on TV. Yes, those are problems but to me are simply symptomatic of the general mayhem that hangs over DC. The mess needs to be fixed via an entire revamping of our rules and regulations so that the thugs, thieves and bullies are not allowed to do this again. Should someone be punished? Oh my,  yes. Many people should be punished –  but singling out the few out of thousands who got tax payer money as bonuses is not the answer. And it seems to me that this new tax on those bonuses is most likely unconstitutional. AIG is also going to get a big taste of its own medicine when they try to sell their two pieces of property in a weak real estate market (that they helped to cause) in NYC. Oh well – it is Friday. What news ‘dump’ will happen today? Stay tuned.

–  Keith Olbermann’s special comment last night on this issue has some good points:

–  If you missed Jon Stewart‘s response to Dick Cheney‘s recent scare America campaign, please check it out. It is very very good. “Former vice president Dick Cheney told CNN that President Obama was putting the country at risk. Jon Stewart has some tough words for Cheney: “Have a nice cup of shut the f**k up.”

–  And then this is this bozo:

–  Obama on Leno last night:

–  Lawrence O’Donnell is looking to fill that third hour on MSNBC after Keith and Rachel. This could be an audition clip for the folks who run the show over at MSNBC.

–  Here is yesterday in 100 seconds:

–  One more thing: Happy Spring.



1. harb43 - March 20, 2009

Those HUGE bonuses given to certain employees have been the cause of “McMansions” and “starter-Castles” and so the fall of many a lovely little community. When one receives $10 million dollars (or much more) two days before Christmas and doesn’t want to get it all taxed away – what does one do? Think REAL estate. HUGE real estate. In the old days these abandoned houses became girls’ schools (think Newport and more) whatever will we do with them now? And by the way, from whence cometh the money that made the bonuses? was I skinned again?

Happy Spring – it is snowing here.

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