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Inhale and exhale – slowly March 23, 2009

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lemurhowl2It is not surprising that a country filled with an immediate gratification populace is loudly grumbling after only 62 days of an Obama administration that everything is not perfect yet. Everybody needs to take a long, deep breath. All together now -inhale slowly then exhale slowly. Now doesn’t that feel better?  From the Washington Post: The Treasury Department is unveiling details of its plan to try to relieve banks of their most troubled assets, a long-awaited signature piece of the government’s strategy for stabilizing the financial system. Under the plan, the government and private investors will together spend between $500 billion and $1 trillion to buy up real estate-related loans and securities from banks. The hope is that instead of hoarding cash in case those assets continue to lose value, the banks instead will be able to resume lending money once the toxic assets are off their books.  I have confidence that Obama knows what he is doing and I also know that I have no idea what he should be doing (most likely you do not either). So let’s give this earnest, hard working man a chance, okay? I like Paul Krugman and read his column twice a week. I know he is not happy about the new plan, but I am still giving Obama a chance and I think you should too.

–  I understand and enraged more about the previous administration’s assault of our Constitution, torture and thuggery. Last night on 60 Minutes I thought Obama’s response to the question about Dick Cheney‘s recent outbursts was excellent.

mommy–  I sometimes get a chance to promote the accomplishments of friends. Wendy Walters is a long time Thursday Zoo Guide at the Central Park Zoo (I was her mentor – bragging rights, here). She and her partner, John, are super talented people. They are artists, musicians. poets and more. “Mommy Loves Me” is Wendy and John’s first board book, and is now available through Barnes and Noble. Cuddle up with your favorite little person and feel the love. I am buying several. The book makes a great gift for that certain little one (or two).  Synopsis: Mommy kisses, and Mommy hugs. But what else does she do? This charming book, featuring heartwarming illustrations of baby animals spending time with their mommies, will make mothers want to cuddle up and read with their young ones.  Buy it on line here.

–  I am crazy about that tree kangaroo joey at the Bronx  Zoo and took another trip to visit the fast growing cute one. See the joey, the sweet ebony baby langur, fabulous lemurs and more below.




1. Annabel Hoyt - March 23, 2009

Wonderful screeching mascot! That’s just what impatience looks like, Lobo. I have to confess that I’ve had some moments of impatience with the new administration but overall I think that President Obama has accomplished a tremendous amount in only 60 days. How many YEARS has it been since any administration has bothered to tackle the difficult and paramount issues of universal health care and energy efficiency?

Thanks for the “60 Minutes” clip. I’m sure that our new President is going to get around to restoring the Constitution and at the same time repair America’s image at home and abroad. We can be patient for that!

2. Lincoln - March 23, 2009

Cheney should be waterboarded at Gitmo….oh my god, can I say that? Maybe he’d tell us where billions of U.S. dollars are buried under Iraqi sand….oh wait, I mean in Halliburton overseas accounts.

I think once the stimulus results in construction, energy, and other jobs certain people will need to just shut up. I wish Spitzer hadn’t needed a madam’s help to stroke his ego so he could have continued his pursuit of AIG and others. I hope for a homegrown green economy and I’ve been using Marcal for a decade (yeah, thas right, clearcutters). Check out Neil Young’s new video on Huffpo about the heavy metal Continental….priceless.

I think my special ed students would forgive Obama’s Olympian goof, so Glen Beck, keep crying, and Limbaugh, keep lying. It’s only been 60 days after 8….long….years…..

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