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A Torturous Path to Justice March 24, 2009

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splatAm I Judy-One-Note? Have I tortured you with too many blog entries on the subject of torture? It is a priority for me that the Obama Administration stop pussy footing around this issue and appoint a Special Prosecutor and begin what will surely be a messy but necessary step in our national disgrace. A truth commission is a delay tactic. What is Obama waiting for? Watch this six minute clip from last night’s Rachel Maddow show as she speaks with my guy, Jonathan Turley about Obama’s torturous path to justice over the Bush/Cheney administration’s clearly illegal torture policies. I hope someone brings this issue up in tonight’s prime time press conference.

–   An impassioned case for prosecuting alleged torture

–  File this under ‘only in New York’ – Frankfurter Frenzy: Near Riot Breaks Out At The Shawarma King After Non-Kosher Hot Dog Is Found On Premises.

–  ‘HIllary: The Movie‘ goes to the Supreme Court today. While this sounds like a joke it is not. It is critical that the Supremes uphold a lower court’s decision. A lower federal court ruled that the film falls under federal law restricting the airing of attack ads.  If Citizens United prevails, it would create an enormous loophole in the law and allow corporate money to flood into partisan politics in ways it has not in many decades. It also would seriously erode the disclosure rules for campaign contributions.

–  Comfort food feels good in rough times. Economy Candy, on the Lower East Side, has been a favorite haunt of mine for years. Even though I am not a big candy eater it is a place that just feels good to visit.  ‘When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls‘ – an interesting read in today’s Times.

–  Speaking of juicy, sweet things – there is a rumor afoot that Rudy and Judi‘s relationship may be in trouble. It is probably not true – but it is juicy.

–  March 23, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds


1. Annabel Hoyt - March 24, 2009

How can we get Jonathan Turley on Oprah and 60 Minutes?

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