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Death of a Thousand Cuts March 31, 2009

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growlJudy-One-Note continues with her pounding of the war crimes/torture issue. As noted this past week, Spain is getting prepared to indict six former Bush Administration members for violations of International law, that we, as a country, signed. Will Spain’s move be the catalyst for the Obama Administration to take the high road and appoint a special prosecutor that sends the signal to the world that we will take care of our own problems? Will this be the firecracker that lights up the sky? Stay tuned. Watch Keith discuss this issue with my guy, Prof. Jonathan Turley

–  Here is Rachel Maddow, on the same issue, the law and Obama’s upcoming trip to Europe and the men who are possibly going to be indicted.

–  Here is Seymour Hersh on the secret Cheney assassination thug ring or is it wing and John Hanna, former Cheney National Security advisor to Cheney. Hannah echoed Hersh’s statements. Hannah said that “troops in the field” are given “authority” to “capture or kill certain individuals” who are perceived as a threat. “That’s certainly true,” he said to Wolf Blitzer.

–  On CNN Sunday, General David Petraeus countered former Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent claim that Obama’s administration had made America less safe.

–  Bush’s Torture Rationale Debunked by Dan Froomkin in the Washington Post. “Abu Zubaida was the alpha and omega of the Bush administration’s argument for torture. That’s why Sunday’s front-page Washington Post story by Peter Finn and Joby Warrick is such a blow to the last remaining torture apologists. Finn and Warrick reported that “not a single significant plot was foiled” as a result of Zubaida’s brutal treatment — and that, quite to the contrary, his false confessions “triggered a series of alerts and sent hundreds of CIA and FBI investigators scurrying in pursuit of phantoms.”

–  In an unrelated matter, The Obama family has rejected the allotted $100,000 of taxpayer money for redecorating the White House family wing.

–  March 30, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

–  Think we can change our direction on the torture issue like this very cool chameleon?



1. Bonnie Luria - March 31, 2009

I’m glad to see that your one note is being added to Spains’ chorus. I’m doubtful that this will make it past juicy headlines.
But don’t we so wish it does. And that it would end in a blazing coda of prosecutions.

So much crap to clean up after 8 years.

Do you know what species of chameleon that was?

2. Anonymous - March 31, 2009

Love the chameleon video. Any bets as to how long it will be before we see him in an Old Navy commercial?

3. bumper sticker - March 31, 2009

That was me in message 2.

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