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April Fool’s Jokes? April 1, 2009

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unicornThe origins of this silly day are up for debate. The one most people refer to has to do with that Gregorian Calendar take over in the 1500s. Those who forgot to change from Julian to Gregorian were teased as fools. Check out some myths at Snopes.

–  This is no joke. A Minnesota court might finally be closing the lid on the debacle known as the second Senate seat in that dear, put upon state in the battle known as Coleman V Franken. A three judge panel has ordered that up 400 absentee ballots that were rejected by election workers be opened and reviewed – far fewer than the 1,300 Coleman argued should be counted. The ballots will be reviewed and many of them may be counted by Tuesday, April 7th – or not.  Nearly five months after Election Day, Franken holds a 225-vote lead after an official recount.  Stay tuned.

–  Also no joke: In a holy cow moment, the special election that was held yesterday to fill Senator Gillibrand’s Congressional seat in upstate NY is too close to call. In an overwhelmingly Republican district, the Democrat, Scott Murphy is leading Jim Tedesco by a slim margin. Bring in those thousands of absentee ballots and let’s wait. Stay tuned. The Repugnants were counting on this race as a needed transfusion for their party. Oh well.

–  The above photo of a unicorn is from the hilarious website called, Fuck You, Penguin. I check it every day for a chuckle or two.

–  Check out the Museum of Hoaxes site for the top ten April Fool’s jokes, including The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest and  Alabama Changes the Value of Pi.

–  If you have not seen this one minute of fun, check out the site of Olivia Gentile, wife of the very funny Andy Borowitz.

– March 31, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

–  This is also not a joke: Israeli prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he is ready to negotiate peace with the Palestinians, at a parliamentary session to confirm him and his cabinet. My own Netanyahu story tomorrow.

–  This just made me laugh.



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