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The World Hearts Obama April 3, 2009

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heartsNot surprising, it turns out that world loves Obama. This love breaking out all over the world is another clear indictment of how much George W. Bush and his group of thugs were hated. Imagine going to a summit where the leader of the free world will actually engage in a discussion without resorting to shoulder massages, goofy sneers or stupid frat jokes. Those are just some of the reasons Obama was such a big hit in the G20 meetings. Don’t believe me? Check out this item from thinkprogress insinuating that Bush did not even know what the G20 was. Gasp.

–  Here’s what happened yesterday:

–  Oh oh – Pat Leahy suggests that truth commission is ‘not going to happen.’ What does this mean? Does this mean the torture/war crimes issue is going in another direction?  Perhaps with a special prosecutor? Stay tuned to this Judy-One-Note issue.

–  If you missed the piece that Jon Stewart did on Rush Limbaugh‘s rant that he was going to leave NYC because of the possibility of having to pay higher taxes. “For years, for years, for years, New Yorkers have done everything in our power to get this guy to leave town,” Stewarts joked. “We passed laws making it tougher for hot dog vendors to sell along the streets. We hold gay pride parades and there are barely any gay people in the city so we shipped them in.” It is a hoot.

–  And then there is the Ted Stevens mess. From the NY Times today – “For eight years the Bush Justice Department cynically put politics and ideology above the law. So it is gratifying to see how Attorney General Eric Holder is handling the case against Ted Stevens, the former Alaska senator who was convicted last year on seven felony counts of ethics violations.” Does this mean that Ted Stevens was innocent? Not at all. But the Justice Dept should be held to higher standards than Ted Stevens. Eric Holder has lots to do. Stay tuned.

–  Joe Cocker With Subtitles, For the Clear-Headed. This made me roar!

–  This is a great website for the art history buffs out there. Lots to look at – lots to admire. I bookmarked the site. Smart history

–  This is why the world loves Obama:



1. jimmyboi2 - April 3, 2009

I love our guy– I feel an emotional swell of pride, firmly rooted in rationalism, fearlessness, and hope, when I hear him speak. And Michelle Obama is part of the package– lucky us !!!

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