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Spying, Matzoh and Queen Hatshepsut April 8, 2009

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couaA chip, chipping away of the adoration of our new President can be loudly heard. The revelation that the Obama administration is invoking a continuation of some of the Bush spying policies is causing me much alarm and disappointment. The civil liberties and privacy issue that Obama the candidate promised us during the campaign have rapidly evaporated. No – just because he is on our team does not make this a good move. Constitutional pillaging is unacceptable no matter which leader is doing it. I am going to start writing and calling my outrage – how about you?

–  Here are both Howard Fineman and Jonathan Turley on the Obama Administration’s Invoking State Secrets on Surveillance Program. This 10 minute piece is worth your time.

–  For those of you that missed Keith Olbermann‘s tribute to his  mother who passed away last week, check it out. You can see that the apple did not fall far from this tree:

–  Happy Passover to one and all. Here is something to laugh along with:

–  It was about 1500 B.C. when Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt built the first zoo. Many private zoos were kept by rulers in Africa, India, and China between 1,000 and 400 B.C. – and a “school” zoo was built by the Greeks to study animal and plant life.  Modern zoos were not delevoped until the 1400’s when European explorers came to the New World and took exotic animals back home with them. It was then that public display type zoos were born. Here are some of the reasons I love to go to zoos.



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