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The Honeymoon is Over April 17, 2009

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thescreamOh dear.  Less than three months into the Obama Administration and the honeymoon ended for me.  Yesterday’s good decision to release those oh so secret Bush/CIA memos on the torture program that operated from 2002 to 2005 was knocked silly by the decision to not prosecute anyone of the CIA operatives involved in this program. There was apparently a bitter debate in Obama world about the release of these memos – but released they were.  It is difficult and shameful reading with little redacted. Here is a New York Times link to  summary of the memos.
Here is a link to the statement that President Obama made when releasing the memos. “This is a time for reflection, not retribution. I respect the strong views and emotions that these issues evoke. We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history. But at a time of great challenges and disturbing disunity, nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past. Our national greatness is embedded in America’s ability to right its course in concert with our core values, and to move forward with confidence. That is why we must resist the forces that divide us, and instead come together on behalf of our common future.”

So it seems to me that President Obama thinks that acknowledging these shameful acts is enough and we should move forward and simply not do it again.  Bad idea.  No one will be punished and actually some of the major players in this nightmare have been rewarded. Jay S. Bybee is now a Federal Judge.  That is a post for life. He was in the Justice Department and oversaw John Yoo, who wrote most of the memos and authorized their use by the CIA. Bad decision, bad people, bad policy.

–  On last night’s Rachel Maddow‘s Show, Jonathan Turley talks about the release of the CIA memos on how the Bush administration authorized torture, and how Obama is guilty of obstruction if he refuses to appoint a special prosecutor or have the DOJ investigate and prosecute the Bush administration.

–  Keith Olbermann delivers one of his special comments on the decision.

–  In some really needed silly stuff: There is a new website, http://www.capitolwords.org/ where you can look up your Representative or Senator and find the most common words they spoke in Congress, as read into the Congressional Record. From demconwatch.com here are the most
common words, and the number of times used, by some of the lawmakers they like to keep up with (In no particular order):

* Richard Shelby “Believe” 63 times.
* Ted Kaufman “Short” 71 times.
* Arlen Specter “Court” 434 times.
* Ted Kennedy “Workers” 195 times.
* Mitch McConnell “Leader” 298 times.
* James Inhofe “Billions” 374 times.
* Harry Reid “Republicans” 771 times,  and “Republican” 690 times.
* And I am not making this up: Charlie Rangel “Caribbean” 293 times.

–  Here’s what happened yesterday according to the yakkers on TV:

–  In other  news – it is going to be 72 degrees today in New York City.  It is the first time the temperature will soar that high since last October. Wa-hoo. It is a zoo day.

–  This is how I sound today:



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