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While on vacation… May 8, 2009

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oaklandWhoa!  It sure has been an interesting 10 days while I was away trying not to pay attention to chatter, headlines or noise.  Sometimes that is easier said than done. As I was JetBlueing across the country last Tuesday I see a ‘breaking news’ headline and discover that Arlen Specter has jumped ship. The remainder of the flight was dedicated to seeing how many times I could watch the same headline breaking news over and over again. Speculation grew about who would run against Specter now that he seems to be a Democrat.  Of course we all know that Specter was a RINO (a Republican in name only) and now it seems he is a DINO (Democrat in name only).  Tom Ridge has now said he will not run against Specter.  Oh, the possibilities grow. As if that were not enough the ensuing days brought screaming headlines about David Souter‘s retirement and his possible replacements. The Swine Flu pandemic made me nuts.  Is it that I do not trust anything the Government tells us anymore?  I had memories of the Bush Administration and their constant ability to bait and switch whenever they wanted the press to get off topic they threw in another terror alert or some other headline grabbing stunt.  The Taliban is inching ever so close to Islamabad.  Very bad news and the Lollipop Guild has lost another member.  Munchkin Mickey Carroll is dead at age 86.

–  Judy One Note still is on topic about the torture issue. Get a load of this interview on last night’s Rachel Maddow show. Oh Nancy Pelosi, how you lie. Tsk, tsk.

–  Rachel Maddow & The GOP’s ‘Terrifying Music’ Political Ads

May 7, 2009: The Day in 100 Seconds

– Yesterday was National Prayer Day.  Give me a break.  What a joke. Watch Lewis Black on Politics and Religion

–  The Lollipop Guild



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