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I am mad as hell.. May 20, 2009

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tongue4So what the heck is going on with all of the Obama reversals? I am increasingly getting disheartened, frustrated and irate over the backwards slides in policy and reversals of campaign promises.  Maureen Dowd nails it on the head with her biting wit in a pretend (I think) conversation between Cheney and Rumsfeld called Cheney Grabs a Third Term in today’s NY Times. “You’re running national security now and everyone knows it,” Rummy says. “You got Obama to do an about-face on the torture photos. He’s using our old line about how it would endanger the troops. He’s keeping our military tribunals. His Justice Department invoked our state secrets privilege to try to get that lawsuit on torture and rendition dismissed. He’s trying to stop any sort of truth commission, thank goodness. He’s got his own surge going in Afghanistan. He’s withdrawing from Iraq more slowly. He’s extended our secret incursions over the Afghan border into Pakistan.” Dick smiles on one side of his face “Transparency bites,” he snarls.

–  Anyone check the Broken Promises on the Obameter lately?

–  Raging Jack Cafferty says we should Prosecute sins of Bush-Cheney era too. ‘The Bush presidency is thankfully over…but the damage he and Dick Cheney did continues to press on the nerve of the American people like an impacted wisdom tooth. And until the questions surrounding arguably the most arrogant and perhaps most corrupt administration in our history are addressed, the pain won’t go away.’

–  Here comes another one crawling out from under a rock.  Karen Hughes can join the line-up of creeps that are only now speaking out:

–  In a bit of good news: Senator Ted Kennedy will be returning to the work after the Memorial Day recess. His glioma is in remission, and reports indicate that his first order of business will be the Health Care legislation mark-up.

–  I like to end up on a positive note – so enjoy these photos I took at the Santa Ana Zoo.




1. Bonnie Luria - May 20, 2009

Grrrrrrrrr….is the bloom off the rose already? Has the rose turned out to be a cactus?
I’m exasperated at the seeming lack of backbone and ” change ” that we were promised.
Makes you wonder who really pulls the strings on the curtain and how deep this shit really goes.

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