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Dueling Banjos May 22, 2009

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banjosYesterday was a media frenzy.  The hype about Obama v Cheney was everywhere.  The talking heads were frothing at the mouth. Two visions of our current world.  Of course one of the visions is our Presidents world view and the other vision is the diabolical one that started all of the problems that we are now in and belongs in a straight jacket or locked up in one of those maximum security prisons. I certainly do not agree with everything Obama is doing but I do trust him.  I believe he understands the sanctity of our Constitution (except for that unsettling part about ‘indefinite detention’) and is doing his best to attempt to unravel the mess that he found when he moved into the Oval Office.  The other guy needs to be stifled and perhaps thrown inside his man-sized safe.  The combination to this safe should be lost. The New York Times addresses this issue on its editorial page today. “For seven years, President George W. Bush tried to frighten the American public — and successfully cowed Congress — with bullying and disinformation. On Thursday, President Obama told the truth. It was a moment of political courage that will make this country safer.  Mr. Obama was exactly right when he said Americans do not have to choose between security and their democratic values. By denying those values, the Bush team fed the furies of anti-Americanism, strengthened our enemies and made the nation more vulnerable”.

–  For those of you that like your news in snippets, here are the dueling speeches in 100 seconds:

–  Here is Rachel’s take on the most troubling issue of Obama’s speech (Indefinite detention?) Are the thought police coming to get you too?

–  Here is the entire Obama 50 minute speech. The President speaks at length on how American values and security are intertwined, touching on issues from closing Guantanamo to State Secrets.

– Here is Keith Olbermann’s rapid special commentary about Dick Cheney:

–  And here is that requisite feel good conclusion:



1. Erica - May 22, 2009

David Brook’s editorial today is spot on.
I’m (officially) furious. I’ve been trying to be calm, but this Guantanamo business has put me over the edge.

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