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Loons, goons and buffoons June 10, 2009

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beardedpigMercy me.  I can only imagine how the insanity up in Albany is playing around the country. I confess to having only a passing interest in New York State politics because I am so often disappointed in what goes on up there and I have always felt most of them belong in prison rather than in the State House. It seems that Tom Golisano, one of New York’s billionaires had a hissy fit over being ignored by the now deposed  Senate majority leader, Malcolm A Smith. (Anyone recalling Newt Gingrichs hissy fit back in 1995, when he felt slighted by Bill Clinton and shut down the Government for weeks?)

The two democrats (who are both one step away from indictments and a perp walk), who defected to caucus with the Republicans are turncoats, lowlifes and would be felons. Both Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate are textbook examples of politics gone awry. Our flailing Governor, David Paterson, is now afraid to leave the State because he does not know who will be in charge should he leave. The lights are turned off and the rooms are locked. The inmates, as they say, are in charge of the asylum. Oh, where oh where is Eliot Spitzer, know that we really need him?  By the way – can you imagine if the thug called Rudy was Governor now?

Here’s what the New York Times editorial board had to say about the craziness in Albany today. “By the time the dysfunctional body that passes for a Legislature in New York State gets through the 2009 session, calling someone an Albany reformer will be an insult. In a display of chutzpah that startled even old political hands, the Senate Republicans and two of the least-reputable Democrats in a deeply disreputable place brazenly declared themselves to be a reform coalition and staged a palace coup against the Democratic majority.  We’re still puzzling out how these defections came about and what tawdry promises were made. But make no mistake: Reform and bipartisanship had nothing to do with it. Two weeks until the end of the 2009 session, lawmaking has shuddered to a maddening standstill. The passing of bills, the raising of funds, the discussion of issues have all been put far back on the back burner.”/10wed1.html

–  From yesterday’s local news: “They crept in under the dark of night, took things over at the worst time possible,” said New York City Councilman John Liu. “This is not Florida, this is New York.”

–  If you don’t subscribe to Newsweek I suggest you run out and buy this week’s issue featuring Stephen Colbert on the cover.  It is hysterical.  I was laughing so hard I almost missed my subway stop.

–  Talking Points Memo has a short photo and description peek at the Obama Czars, called “More Czars Than the Romanovs”

–  This is how I feel about New York State Politics:



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