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Clouds, Crowds and Shrouds June 28, 2009

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cloudsI admit to being a long time cloud watcher.  They are ever changing, magical and portend the weather. Last Friday night while walking my dog Benny, I noticed a very dramatic in-progress sunset –  it reminded me of the twice a year Manhattanhenge night sky.

Upon returning to my apartment and searching for something on TV other than a story about Michael Jackson I saw the color of the sky start to turn an orange-salmon.  The fast changing light was ominous.  I  heard the sounds of dramatic music in my head.  Was this a sign of the apocalypse?  I grabbed my camera and took the above photo from my dining room window and watched the entire event until it passed. It turns out my imagination had run wild. It was a Mammatus (bumpy clouds), a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud event. It was very cool indeed.  Others saw it as well, of course. Since everyone has a camera these days there are many other images as well.

–  Today is the Gay Pride parade in NYC. The crowds will be lining the streets to cheer, smile, dance and generally have a grand time.  It is also the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The parade passes by my apartment and I can already hear the disco tunes in my head.  Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ stays in my head for days after the parade.  There is much to celebrate in today’s crowded parade and much to be upset about, including Barack Obama’s weak support of Gay Rights.  Tsk, tsk, Mr President.  The Gay community is tired of being told to wait for their civil rights. Frank Rich addresses this issue in today’s column called 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans.

–  Michael Jackson’s death has moved everything off of the front pages.  The riots in Iran, Farah Fawcett, Mark Sanford, the economy and everything else that seemed important for the talking heads to yada yada about are suddenly non-issues.  I did notice this morning that the NY Times has returned to normal front page coverage of other doom and gloom stuff but there are still many articles about the self-proclaimed ‘King of Pop.’ I admit that I was to old to appreciate Michael jackson when he first hit the big time but always enjoyed his music from afar. Ultimately his bizarre personal life superseded his music for me.  It became increasingly difficult to see him without wincing. The legal problems, the physical morphing, the three children, the chimpanzees, the dangling of a baby off of a balcony all became overriding images for me that quelled the music.  The public outpouring of grief (for all celebrities) is something I cannot understand. What brings people out to gather and cry together?  Is it an inability to feel sad alone?  Is it an inability to deal with grief?  How do you mourn a public figure that you did not know?  The legal battling amongst the folks that want a piece of Michael Jackson is already brewing.  It will be ugly, long and one can only pity those three kids.

–  The Filipino inmates who shot to global fame with a Youtube video recreating the “Thriller” dance, swayed and stomped again on Saturday in a behind-bars tribute to their idol, Michael Jackson.

–  Michael Jackson Best Dance Moves (R.I.P.)

–  The Mark Sanford scandal has moved to the inside pages because of the death of Michael Jackson. I am still paying attention to this crazy story, are you?  Why he is not resigning from his Governorship is a head scratcher. Sex Scandal Flow Chart from Talking Points Memo for your amusement and recall:


–  In the always leave ’em smiling mode – check out this enchanting langur monkey and the camera lens:



1. mary - June 29, 2009

wow, those are REALLY cool clouds!

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