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Reverse, Neutral and Forward June 30, 2009

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hoopsYesterday’s 5 to 4 decision by the Supreme Court has TV’s bobble heads in an uproar. Sonia Sotomayor was one the three judges on the Appeals Court that voted that the New Haven Firefighter’s promotion test was unfair to minorities and needed revision.  That court was following the law. Yesterday’s decision by the Supremes essentially rewrote the law basically saying that the country has moved forward and does not need the protections that have been in place for many years.  Do I believe that?  Yes and no.  I believe much of the country has amended their hiring practices across the board and welcomes diversity in the workplace.  Sadly, both police and firefighter units cross this land have not followed suit. The big question of the day is: will this effect Sonia Sotomayor’s placement on the Supreme Court? Not at all.  She is going to sit on the Court no matter the screaming from the right.  The conservative right is simply twisting the Supreme Court decision to hammer away at her nomination that will go forward despite their high-pitched inanities.  If anything, there will most likely be a vote on her in August since the Supreme Court is going to hear an argument in early September (before their normal 1st Monday in October session).  That vote court well overturn the McCain Feingold law about those nasty 527’s.  That case involves a campaign finance case film that is really a diatribe against Hillary Clinton (seems like really old news now) vs the opposition that says it was really just a full length negative ad.

–  A fine, easy to read opinion piece in today’s NY Times by Linda Greenhouse called The Court Changes the Game says it all.

–  Listen to a review of some of the Supreme Court’s last day decisions and Nina Tottenberg on last Night’s Rachel Maddow show where Alison Stewart was the substitute host:

–  One more thing.  Al Sharpton makes me cringe.  Whenever I see his omnipresent face on TV the subject of the debate (whatever it is) is diminished.  He is an opportunist.  He is a exploitive pretender and makes a mockery of the issues with which he attaches himself.  A policeman friend of mine has told me that the mantra of the police is – ‘Reverend Al, the Policeman’s overtime pal’. Ever since he inserted himself in the debacle called the Tawana Brawley case in in 1987 my skin crawls.  He is now front and center in the Michael Jackson headlines.  Yesterday saw him standing next to Micheal Jackson’s father in yet another crazy scenario.

– In the always leave ’em smiling mode:



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