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Take the Money and Run July 4, 2009

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fourthofjulyblog2Yesterday’s surprise announcement by the always nutty Sarah Palin that she not only would not seek a second term as Governor of Alaska she was leaving her position in three weeks with 18 months left to serve. The good news about the announcement was that it took Michael Jackson off the news cycle for an evening on a few talking head shows.  So what’s up you say?  I say it is clearly a ‘take the money and run’ move.  I picture Sarah and her secession sidekick husband Todd sitting around the kitchen table while dressing a moose discussing how much money they could make if she got out from behind the Governor’s desk and hit the high paying lecture trail. (Let’s not forget that $$$$$ book deal as well).

No doubt GOP Presidential contenders like Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and anyone else who has not been hiking on the Appalachian Trail are licking their chops at her announcement.

So why now?  Sarah Palin most likely has run out of ideas for being the Governor of her state.  She sees that overflowing money pot within reach by simply stepping aside from what has now become a run of the mill job for her. She can now demand money for her appearances since she is still a media darling.  But will she be a darling without the pomp of office?  Probably as long as she looks good on camera and sells advertisement space  she will stay front and center. Can you see her on her own show on Fox? Stay tuned.

Watch part of her rambling speech from yesterday:



1. harb43 - July 4, 2009

Yikes! which cliches did she forget? ‘Rambling’ personified!

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