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Race, Grace and Lambaste July 17, 2009

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buchananI have been uncommonly silent this last week.  Nothing special has grabbed my focus other than the usual non-investigation of the previous thuggish administration.  The Sotomayor hearings have been so predictable that they seemed like summer re-runs.  If I hear the term ‘wise Latina woman‘ one more time I think my head will explode.  Last night, however, while watching the Rachel Maddow show, I saw an interchange that bolted me upright (disturbing both Benny the dog and Madison the cat) and I even had to press the rewind button (I love my DVR) to make sure what I was hearing was real.

Pat Buchanan, standing in for all of the oppressed white men out there, stated loudly and clearly, why he thinks Sotomayor is unqualified to sit on the big bench.  What he was really saying was what so many angry, white men are stewing about across this vast land of ours. They are losing hold of what they have held on to for over two hundred years and they are afraid of what that will mean to the guarantees they thought they had coming their way.  It was a frightening exchange and a very eye opening one.  Take the ten minutes to see it unfold.  Go Rachel.

Rachel Maddow SLAMS Pat Buchanan Over Sotomayor Bias

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1. paramountplaces - July 17, 2009

hmm nice , interesting .

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