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Twist and Shout August 13, 2009

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shoutWhoa! What’s the shouting all about? Health care does not seem like it should be such a volatile issue.  I mean, who doesn’t want their neighbor to be healthy?  So tell me, what’s the fuss all about?  Is it money?  Are the shouters worried that the greedy corporate health care industry and the pharmaceutical giants are not going to make as enormous a profit?  Are the shouters worried that their Congressperson will not receive enormous donations towards their reelection campaigns from these same corporations? Does anyone really know what they are shouting about?  Let’s face it – there is no bill to pick apart.  As far as I can tell there are five bills, many thousands of pages of detail and no consensus. How do I think it is all going to end?  I think we will get a very watered down health care bill with NO Repugnant support.

The Dreadfulcrats have once again allowed an issue to be hijacked by the bloviated Repugnants (reemeber the shouting at Bush V Gore in Florida?  We all know how that turned out, don’t we.). Thanks to the moronic statements of Sarah Palin and the noise coming out of the wing-nut conservative airwaves we have frightened ‘Grannies’ (isn’t anyone worried about little old Grandpa?) worried that some death panel is going to come along and pull the plug. This issue was laughable at the beginning but now it has taken over these confrontational Town Hall meetings across the land. The ‘other side’ has managed, with much success, to twist the issues and shout down the opposition.

Shame on the Democrats for allowing this to happen.  It is ugly, will end badly for some poor fool who gets shot, and then those new headlines will supersede the ones that we are now having to digest.  Gail Collins has a great column in today’s New York Times about those guns that are appearing in public.

Are all of these screamers being paid by someone to come out and shout down any and all sane comments?  Probably not.  I am sure there are some who are paid organizers, but not all.  Some are simply, how can I say this kindly – simple.  They do not understand anything.  I doubt that many of the shouters even understand that Medicare is a Government program that works really well.  By the way – have you noticed how many of the shouters are Seniors?  Perhaps they should spend more time playing with their grand kids and less time toting crazy signs.

–  Massive misinformation is out there and now is being promoted by US Senators.  Shame on you, Senator Grassley.

–  Listen to this Clip from 8/11/09 Rachel Maddow show where she exposes the politics and money behind the “non-partisan” right wing Republican health care (health care) reform lies.

–  Are they all racists?  Probably not. But a whole lot of them are really nervous and ‘want their country back.’  Hmmm – as Larry Gilmore said on Jon Stewart the other night ‘back from whom? the Indians?’ Check out Jon Stewarts’ take on this issue. It is very funny.

–  Nate Silver (538.com) has put together some numbers and thoughts on this issue.

–  A summary of yesterday’s twisting and shouting:

–  In the always try to leave ’em smiling mode:



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